Low Carb Cauliflower Pizza Crust? Too Good to be True?

I make homemade cauliflower pizza crust pizza.  It is not that hard to do.  Takes about 10 minutes to make one and then the cooking time is not long.  It is even easier if you buy already riced up cauliflower in a bag from a store like Trader Joes, Costco, etc. and it is not expensive at all.

I have a recipe that I have used to make a pizza with Cauliflower crust.  It is really good.  http://www.onegoodthingbyjillee.com/2012/08/the-astonishing-cauliflower-pizza-crust-you-have-to-taste-it-to-believe-it.html

Below is my caulfilower-based home-made Margherita pizza and salad that I shared with my husband.  Less than 5g of carbs per half of that 9 inch pizza.  Totally delish and low carb.  The base was delish and didn’t miss the pizza crust.

DID YOU READ THAT RIGHT?  5g of carbs per HALF of a pizza!

AND LOOK AT HOW GOOD MY PIZZA LOOKS!  Tasted good too.  You can do whatever toppings you like.  I make mine margherita style.

Because the base is mostly cauliflower and cheese….it is low carb!


But what about the already-made cauliflower pizza crusts out there at the stores?  Costco has them, Trader Joes and now Green Giant has one.


Green Giant is no different than many of the others out there that are pre-made.  The slices are made to be able to be strong and stiff like regular pizza crust (My pure cauliflower home-made one is not that solid, so you can’t hold it and need a knife and fork–but it is low carb.

Green Giant says that their crust is low-carb.  I have news for you, it isn’t low-carb, it is just lower than regular pizza crust. It  is 16g of carbs per quarter of the whole pie.  If you eat the whole pie, it is 64g of carbs.  Yes, there is no wheat, but it is only 80 percent cauliflower and the rest is a bunch of stiffeners and junk.  Such as:  Rice Flour, Corn Starch, Corn Flour, Corn Meal (I never recommend corn in a diet at all because of all of the starch in it!) and that crappy oil–Canola Oil (what the hell is a Canola anyway?)

Now, don’t get me wrong.  A regular wheat pizza crust is way more carbs.  1/4 of a pizza crust from Trader Joes is approximately about 50g of carbs.  So, that is a lot!  If you eat the whole thing, you eat about 200g of carbs.  No wonder people on My 600 Pound Life are able to keep the weight on so much.  For many of them, their food of choice is pizza.

On this diet, if you eat between 50 and 100g of carbs per day, a quarter of a wheat-based pizza could ruin everything.  So, 16g of carbs of an already-made cauliflower-based pizza crust seems great and especially for those who are gluten and/or wheat sensitive.  However, I still think that is a lot of carbs if you want to lose weight.

Remember, if you make a cauliflower and cheese pizza crust from the recipe above, you can eat the entire damn pizza for about 10g of deliciousness.


My husband convinced me to go to California Pizza Kitchen for their new cauliflower-based pizza.  I was excited to go somewhere, where I could get someone to cook for me and it be pizza without wheat.

Again, the nutrition on this pizza crust was same issue with how many carbs and filler are in their crust–not much different than the pre-made ones at the markets.  It tasted ok, but I felt like I was definitely going to have to spend two days to just get my weight back in order and sure enough–that is what happened.  So, I don’t really recommend it for a diet, but for those who can’t eat wheat and want just a slice if they are weight conscious–it was good.  I happen to like my caulfilower base better and I can eat more.


CPK Nutrition Facts
Cauliflower Crust
Serving Size:
Amount Per Serving
Calories from Fat 126
Calories 560
% Daily Value*

Total Fat 14grams

Saturated Fat 8rams

Trans Fat 0rams

Cholesterol 50

Sodium 1050

Total Carbohydrates 85grams

Dietary Fiber 4grams

Sugars 4grams
Protein 16
All in all, I won’t be eating this again for a long time and I will stick to eating meatballs and salad at Italian places, and eating my homemade cauliflower-based pizzas at home.
I hope this information was helpful.


The Confusion Over Sugar in Yogurt!

I met someone who is upset that their child eats candy.  However, this same person thinks that Yoplait yogurt is a healthier choice.  The food industry has certainly fooled and convinced a lot of people that the items that they buy are healthy, when in fact, they are not.  People have no idea how to read labels.  Now, I am not a perfect label reader and yes, I am guilty of using sugar substitutes, which are NOT healthy.  HOWEVER, this blog is about weight loss and keeping weight off and not health.  But, I will try to cover both a little here.

So, let’s look  at it.

Yoplait Mixed Berry:  This has about 4-5 tablespoons of sugar in it (not much protein either)



Calories 150 Sodium 95 mg
Total Fat 2 g Potassium 230 mg
Saturated 1 g Total Carbs 25 g
Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 0 g
Monounsaturated 0 g Sugars 18 g
Trans 0 g Protein 6 g
Cholesterol 10 mg
Vitamin A 15% Calcium 20%
Vitamin C 2% Iron 4%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily values may be higher or lower depending on your calorie needs.

A Kit Kat bar:  This has about 5-6 tablespoons of sugar in it


  1. Servings:
    1 bar/4 fingers
Calories 230 Sodium 35 mg
Total Fat 12 g Potassium 0 mg
Saturated 7 g Total Carbs 29 g
Polyunsaturated 0 g Dietary Fiber 1 g
Monounsaturated 0 g Sugars 22 g
Trans 0 g Protein 3 g
Cholesterol 5 mg
Vitamin A 2% Calcium 6%
Vitamin C 0% Iron 8%

*Percent Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet. Your daily

  1. Servings:  1 bar/4 fingers

So,  is saying no to the candy bar in favor of a yogurt really necessary if the sugar is about the same?  Maybe you should just eat the damn Kit Kat if you are going to eat that much sugar…..but if you want ot watch sugar in your diet, you have to read labels!!

If you want to give yogurt to your child, it would be better to find  one low in sugar and possibly has the probiotics in it.  The plain ones have the least amount  of sugar, but not everyone can eat the plain one.

List of yogurts who have probiotics:

Here are some common brands that have lactobacillus acidophilus:
  • Chobani.
  • Dannon.
  • Yoplait.
  • Fage.
  • Stonyfield.
  • Siggi.

List of yogurts, which have low sugar:

This is a link to a list of yogurts to eat instead of what you have been eating:

Better yogurt choices

I have also written that the best tasting low sugar yogurt is this one:

Low sugar, high protein: (mostly the same for all flavors)


SO, the point is to read the labels and get to know what you are eating!  Sugar can be disguised in healthy looking packages!



Newest craze:  Acai bowls. Acai smoothies also!  Any fruit bowl or smoothie–same issues!

Yes, they are delish!  But, if you want to lose weight or maintain weight, you can’t eat these!  You can get one, have about 3 or 4 bites and then pass it on to someone else.



On a healthy diet, you should not go beyond two small fruits a day if you want to maintain weight or lose it.

FRUIT is healthier than a candy bar, but fruit has SUGAR.  Any sugar will convert to carbs, then add fat to your body if you supersede 50-100 g of carbs per day.

So, educated yourselves and stop eating things just because people say it is healthy.

Too much sugar is not healthy.


  1. Planet Smoothie 18-oz Acai smoothie: 370 calories, 10 grams fat, 43 grams sugar
  2. Robek’s 14-0z Acai Especial Bowl: 385 calories, 5 grams fat, 69 grams sugar
  3. Jamba Juice power size Acai Super Antioxidant: 560 calories, 7 grams fat, 92 grams sugar

truth about acai bowls


Eat two small fruits a day and stay thin!


Skinny POP!

New obsession! Costco has it, but not right now, they have the Boom Chikka Pop stuff (which is also really good, but twice the calories of Skinny Pop). Skinny Pop tastes like movie theatre popcorn to me, but it is pretty low calorie and low carb. I ran out of my Costco large bag (my husband ate it too–DARN!)  and I stocked up from Target. They also have individual small bags for your lunch–100 calories and 7 net carbs. I am waiting for the next Costco delivery after their assortment of Boom Chikka Pop runs out (special right now, buy one bag, one free).  I ordered a bag from Target of their White Cheddar ones too.  I think I am going popcorn crazy–but you still have to be careful and count carbs!



New Tasty Low Carb/High Protein Drink at Costco

If you want to lose weight, you need to have 6 small protein meals a day and your carb intake cannot be higher than 50-100g of carbs.  Sometimes getting those in-between breakfast, lunch and dinner snacks can be hard.

Costco now has a new product.  It is an Orgain protein drink with 21g of protein, is Organic, tastes like Chocolate (better chilled) and is 1 net carb with ZERO grams of sugar.  They used to only have the powder available and now it is in ready-to-go bottles in a box.  They have the Vanilla Bean version online (chocolate is in the store by the Ensure drinks) and the Vanilla one is $49.99 for a box of 24, with 16 grams of protein.

I tried it.  Not bad for a ready-to-go protein drink and it sure cuts the cravings down until you have your next meal.  I recommend this product because it has chocolate and because it is LOW in carbs.



I bought these on Monday.  I was super excited.  I was impressed that they had everything that I like.

They have protein (6 grams)

They have nuts, they are high fiber (7 grams)

They are low carb 14 grams) and that means that 14g of carbs minus 7 grams of fiber is only 7 net carbs.  

They have chocolate!!

They have sea salt, yet are low sodium(110 grams).

They are very similar to Kind bars, except that you get 30 bars in the box for under $17 and they are less carbs, as far as I know.

I have to say that they are delicious.  Not too big, and the right amount of chocolate, sea salt and nuts.  AND a great low cal protein for your one of six protein snacks (meals) per day.

And they are kosher too!

I recommend them highly!

Thanksgiving Does Not Have to Ruin Your Diet or Have You Gain Weight

This is a re-post of my talk about Thanksgiving meals.  However, I want to add that I am making a delish low-carb and healthy side dish this year that is different.  I am making the Barefoot Contessa’s Balsamic-Roasted Brussels sprouts with Pancetta (ham).  It looks amazing.  I had something similar at my favorite Italian restaurant and I loved it.  I will  let you know how it came out !  DELISH roasted brussels sprouts and here is the video of her making it.  the video  There are 8 g of carbs in brussels spouts for a cup of them.  There are 3.3 g of fiber in a cup of Brussels sprouts.  So, net carbs is 4.7 g per cup.  So much healthier than pumpkin pie and so filling and delish, you won’t have room for the pumpkin pie.

So, the rest of the Thanksgiving Blog…..

I have talked to many people about Thanksgiving food. I am not sure how it came to be that a holiday designed to give thanks and spend time with relatives–has now somehow turned into a carbolicious food fest.


A few years ago, I went to my husband’s cousin’s house for Thanksgiving. I had a tough time finding something decent to eat. The turkey was ok, but there was no salad.  There were green beans, but they were smothered in horrible bad GMO Velveeta cheese and not some kind of low-fat bovine growth hormone-free cheese. And there were those horrible processed onion things were on top. There was white bread in unhealthy fattening stuffing, cranberry sauce (sugar fest), white GMO dinner rolls, margarine (where is the organic butter?) and nasty box-made mashed potatoes. No wonder people get fat. Then, there is pie! One small slice of pumpkin pie alone is 300 calories. I think the average amount of calories eaten at Thanksgiving dinner tops 1500, easy.


Here is what most of the portions looked like at the cousin’s house (throw in a non-nutritious dinner roll):


Next is the proper size of a “Traditional Thanksgiving Meal–made in a more healthy way–and the right measured out portions.  At least if you eat this, you will not gain a lot of weight. (4 ounces of protein and keep in mind, only 50-100g of carbs per day.  More on the veggies, less on the stuffing and potatoes.  In this picture–turkey, a touch of stuffing with mushrooms, just a splash of cranberries (not the canned stuff), and a serving of veggies.  Perfect!

Mike Coppola/Getty Images for Bethenny

It takes 30 minutes of running fast for 3 miles to burn 300 calories, and about an hour to do fast walking to lose 300 calories. You would have to walk for 5 hours to burn off that dinner.  It could take many days of exercise to burn off that meal.

What I had for Thanksgiving:

For breakfast, I had a Western Bagel Perfect 10 low carb bagel with egg and cheese on it.

I made turkey meatballs and sauce with spaghetti squash for lunch.

For dinner, my husband and I had the sliced turkey breast that we bought the day before. We had a little gravy and had some great grilled asparagus and baby broccoli, with a great salad with cheese.  A nice normal sized portion too.

And my snacks in between were nuts and a protein bar.

For after-dinner dessert, I had low carb ice cream.

I was full, satisfied and happy. I didn’t gain a pound. I will do something similar for Christmas.


If I am stuck at a person’s house again:

I will either eat before I get there and just have some turkey.

I also could ask the host in advance if there are going to be vegetables and salad, and if not, I will bring my own.

**I have NO qualms or embarrassment that I have to eat a certain way. If you are embarrassed, you can just say it is for “doctor’s orders for more greens.”**

You should never have to gain weight or make yourself sick with wheat products, gluten or excessive carbs to make others feel comfortable.

If someone gets their panties in a twist over it, they either do NOT give a damn about you and your quest to be skinny, of they feel guilty because they wish THEY could go on a proper diet and they are either too stubborn, too carb-addicted or afraid to rock the boat in their relationships.

Any way you look at it, YOU have to take care of YOU! There is a good chance that you gained weight because you have trouble saying NO!  Learn healthy boundaries for your own happiness and stop worrying about others.

There are always food saboteurs out there. Like the man in my Pilates class, who is thin and brings the class (who are there to get in shape) brownies or chocolate cake. I think he gets some sick, twisted enjoyment out of watching them eat his stuff. He never knows what to do with me, because, I always tell him, “No thank you. I don’t eat sugar anymore.” And the fact that he still asks me, shows how manipulative he is!

What if the problem is your cravings cause the problem with eating fattening things?

Yes, it is hard to get over cravings, but it is possible. I did it!  Takes a few weeks, but you have to stick to it and find healthy alternatives (I write about that all of the time in my blog, just do a search).

If someone is having onion rings, I sometimes will allow myself to eat ONE, then I am done. Fried food with breaded batter=unhealthy and fattening.

You have to learn this and get over what McDonalds got you addicted to eating. Those carbs are killing America-and you and me. We have to take charge of our bodies, our mouths and our lives.  Eating potato starch, pie sugars, fatty cheese, white breaded stuffing carbs and sugars–even once or twice a year is not showing respect for your body.  Even ONE cheat is do-able, but it is nothing but bad food city all the way through on this crazy holiday food fest.


Food Companies are Sneaky and Making Us Fat and We Didn’t Even See It Coming!

A big problem for many people who have to lose weight or want to gain control over their diet, is that they are addicted to sugar and many don’t even know it!  Sugar is hidden in many foods.  It is in your cereal, fruit drinks, almond milk, protein bars and drinks, yogurt and other items that you thought were “healthy.”  Unless you read labels and look at the grams of sugar in EVERY serving in every item, you may have no idea about what you are eating in sugar!  You just eat and you get sucked into the sugar roller coaster.


There are also a lot of different names for sugar, so you might think you aren’t eating it, but you are!


You need to start looking at labels.


If you eat something and it says that there are two servings in it, but you ate the WHOLE thing, then the nutrient content on the label is DOUBLED because you ate the two servings, but it looked like one serving when you ate it.  Labels can be designed to mislead you into buying the product–as you THINK it is healthy, but it actually wasn’t.

sugar cravings

How can you get over sugar cravings so you won’t keep wanting to eat it?  Your brain is going to tell you to eat it because it liked the effect that the first use had on it.  Sugar is very addictive.  So, go out and get things to munch on that have no to low sugar, and munch on them when you get the cravings:

  • almonds and other nuts or seeds
  • whole fruits (small serving)
  • gluten-free crackers and cheese  (watch the number of crackers–high in carbs)
  • low-sugar protein bars (Try a brand like Quest which contains minimal natural sweeteners)
  • Carb-Smart ice cream bar
  • low-sugar yogurt (Greek is good!)
  • low-sugar chocolate (even Trader Joe’s has some at the check out line)
  • nice hot cup of coffee or tea
  • low sugar hot chocolate
  • go exercise or call a friend

I AM BACK! Let’s Talk Self-Care!

I have not been on here much lately.  Last year was one of my toughest.  My husband and I were remodeling and had a dear friend in a financial pinch who needed financial help, which set us back terribly financially for a bit.  Every month was scary and my husband was so on edge, that I did all I could to protect him from the minutia of anything that wasn’t remodel or work related.  So,  I had been through a lot with my own family and I help my relationship with my in-law in huge regard and importance in my life.  I believed that there were any issues to resolve (after 27 years–had no real issues, so pretty good track record), but she got her panties in a twist about something rather small and misconstrued, didn’t want to work it out and ran away.  Ok, it really knocked me down for awhile, as it was truly such a horribly crushing way to treat someone you have known for a quarter of a century and who is related to you.

Have you ever been so knocked down that you just need to be alone?  Didn’t really feel very connected in the past year….too much stress.  Got a new part-time job teaching too!   Last week, my ex-boyfriend (from my youth) passed away from a bad heart.  It really knocked me for a loop.  I am now back here because he died from lack of self care all of these years.

So, let’s talk about self-care.  Do you do it?  It isn’t all about weight, but some of it leads to weight issues or loss.  My ex didn’t exercise, worked too much, smoked, got heavy, became diabetic, did very little self-care, ate crappy food.  He ended up with major blockage of arteries and didn’t survive long after the triple by-pass.  He was only 51!  He left behind a 12-year-old and wife.


How to Get Started on Self Care!

  1.  Find a reason to start self-care.  This is the hardest part.  Do you have a spouse, child, ailing parent, good friends–who will suffer due to your death?  If someone relies on you for money, comfort, love, friendship, rearing–you owe it to them to do all you can to be healthy so you can live to a ripe old age and not be so disabled that you need THEM to help you.  How about doing it for yourself?  You will look and feel better, but also keep yourself from being so disabled that you lose your independence to get around.  Some people are so heavy already or ill that they think, what difference does it make? Well, it can!  Watch this!  (Four inspirational minutes!)  https://vimeo.com/41271653self-care-is-self-respect_optimized
  2. Find a diet like Paleo, Mediterranean. Low-Carb–and do it.  My suggestions for how to do it is in the first month of this blog.  Go back into the history of Skinny-Rules.com.
  3. Realize that you might be addicted to sugar/carbs and detox!   You might not realize that what causes your cravings and your addiction to sweets, chocolate, carbs is exactly the same was what drug addicts go through. Your brain has been rewarded with what sugar does to it so that you feel temporarily happy and good,  You need detox. It will be hard for the first three days as you detox and feel crappy.  Better to have a detox crappy feeling for three days (and then you will start to feel awesome) than to continually be overweight, unhealthy and leading yourself to early illness, disability or death.  Here is a great book for this process.  http://www.amazon.com/Blood-Sugar-Solution-10-Day-Detox-ebook/dp/B00CO7FIOU
  4. Portion control.  Use smaller plates and you should be having 4 ounces or so of a protein (meat/eggs) and a small serving of vegetables and try to avoid starchy carb veggies–potatoes, peas, corn, etc.  Remember the saying, “Pigs get fed, “Hogs get slaughtered.”  Don’t be a hog.The portion size illusion - MotiveWeight.Blogspot.com
  5. Good nutritional supplements! You need to take a good multi-vitamin and mineral and probiotics to help balance out your gut flora to help stop the cravings.  Here is a good site to help explain how to end sugar cravings!   You will also feel better too.   http://paleoforwomen.com/how-probiotics-put-an-end-to-my-sugar-cravings/
  6. Do some form of exercise.  Walk, run, take the stairs park further in parking lots, walk the dog, swim, Zumba, PIlates, Yoga.  MOVE.  I know that you think it is boring and work, but if you found something that you liked to do, you would do it more.  I have a friend who does 5K races so that she is motivated to get ready for them.  self-care
  7. Find time to relax and replenish.  Everyone needs a day to rest!   There several ways to practice this type of self-care.  It involves: emotional, physical, spiritual,  relational, and mental ways.Five-Areas-Of-Therapeutic-Self-care-To-Heal-From-Anxiety-And-Depression

8.  AND JUST REMEMBER:   As you do self-care, you will find that a side effect is that you will lose weight and look and feel better too!  It is so empowering and you will be in a better place for others in your life.  Live past 51!



Happy Cinco Low-Carb Enchilada De Mayo

Today, I made myself a great protein snack.  Since it is Cinco de Mayo, I decided to go “Mexican”–but low-carb.  It was My low-carb enchilada.  It is easy to make and I have enough for 3-4 at a time, so I make a few and refrigerate.  This way I don’t have to cook nightly, but if you have the ingredients and you have done this more than once, it shouldn’t take more than 10 minutes to do this.  You just need a stove and a flat pan.

Here is the link to the recipe.


Here was what I made today.  One for today, two for other days.  I used low-carb tortilla, non-fat sour cream, low-sodium turkey meat (diced), lite Mexican blend cheese.  A couple of minutes each side cooked–whallah!


YUM!  Happy Cinco de Mayo!