Diet Mistakes

1. Crash Diets: like the Cookie Diet, The Grapefruit Diet. You might lose the first 10 or 30 pounds, but your body’s metabolism slows down and you will gain it back the second you go off the diet. You need to eat 6 consistent protein-based meals, two small salads a day, 4 small servings of veggies a day and 2 small servings of fruit a day–with meals spaced out to every 3 to 4 hours, in order to speed up your metabolism. Also, you wNt your body to be steady because there is nothing to stop doing to gain the weight back. You will just honor this new way of eating and over time, you can increase your protein allotments.

2. Skipping Breakfast.: You will slow down your metabolism and you will want to eat more at lunch and really mess up your metabolism, and be more likely to put weight on, not take it off.

3. Mindless Unplanned Snacking: snacks should be recorded for their carb content in your day. Eating a snack as one of your 6 protein based meals throughout the day should involve high protein and low carbs. For example…a bag of potato chips is about 15g of carbs (more for baked ones, ironically–at 24g of carbs) , with only 1 or 2 g of protein. So, if you are counting carbs for the day, and in the diet, you want to keep your carbs down between 50 to 100g to lose weight– then you have to count all snacks and the bag of potato chips just sucked 15 g of carbs, out of what is left for your day’s nutritional count.

4. Only Three Meals a Day. A small protein-based snack between lunch and dinner and later after dinner. You have to keep your metabolism running.


5. Just because something says that it is low or no fat, is a juice from fruits or vegetables, doesn’t mean that it will help a diet. Many of those items are laden with carbs. Some of the low cat products are higher in carbs than full fat options. Also, watch juices. They are loaded with sugar and carbs. Eat your fruit and veggies. If you must juice, make sure the pulp is in the juice and drink a very small portion. A human is not supposed to drink all of those fruits in one go. You would never eat as many fruits as are in an 8 ounce glass of juice.

6. Alcohol.. It is loaded with calories and carbs and terrible for a diet. Also, your liver is so busy metabolizing the alcohol, it has little time to process fat. Dieting and drinking do not work well. If you must drink, limit it to a small gin or vodka based drink with tonic.

7. Dairy. Dairy is hard on a diet. Stick with non and low fat dairy and watch the carb content.

8. Not Staying Hydrated. If you don’t keep your body hydrated, then the metabolism slows down. Also, sometimes when you are hungry, your body is actually telling you that you are thirsty. Always have water or no calorie or carb drinks with you–at your desk, in the car, etc.

9. Relying On Diet Only and Avoiding Exercise. Everyone needs to move. Find a way to do it that you enjoy. Some Zumba, some hike. I like Pilates, Yoga and my home elliptical. I do my email and online things on my IPAD on the elliptical. Some people need group activities at gyms. Find an exercise you love and do it. Walk the dog with a friend, spouse or in colder weather environments–walk around a mall. But, MOVE. You cannot lose weight on diet alone. It is not healthy.



10. Junk Food When You are Hungry. Don’t be hungry! Prepare the night before or in the morning and bring protein snacks with you to work or to a friend’s house–or wherever you are going. If you can’t refrigerate, there are low-carb protein
drinks, bars and you can even pre-measure out nuts and bring them. There is no reason to have to go to fast food if you plan! However, for the occasional emergency, get decent enough fast food, where it is protein-style (without the bun). But, can you avoid the temptation of fries and the shake? If not, don’t do it.



11. Unrealistic Goals. Don’t think you are going to lose weight quickly or without effort. Be patient, consistent and follow the rules.

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