Low Carb DELISH Easy Pancakes and Waffles

More and more products are coming out that make it easier for the low-carb dieter.  Some of them have not been very good tasting.  However, I saw a pancake and waffle mix that was PALEO at Costco one day and I thought I would try it.  It is called Birch Benders and it is made with coconut flour.  Very easy to make with water and I didn’t even need to put butter on it because it already tasted buttery.  These are very low-carb and will work with a low-carb diet.  Two decent sized cakes are 16g of carbs minus 5 g of fiber is 11g net carbs!  If you want to stay between 50 and 100g of carbs a day and you really feel like some pancakes, this is a decent alternative.



So, Costco is hit or miss on this product.  I looked it up online and apparently you can get it at Target, but I think more of the Target.com (online) because I could not see it at my local Target.  It is also available on Amazon.com.  They are really good and fluffy and I really didn’t miss the wheat flour version of cakes.

In my search of different places to buy Birch Benders mix, I saw that they now make a frozen waffle!  They have all kinds–Buttermilk, Protein, etc….but the one you want for low-carb, made from coconut flour is the PALEO version.  I looked on their website for a location and near me, it said Whole Foods, Ralphs, Target, and Sprouts.  I didn’t look at Ralphs yet, but Target and Whole Foods–couldn’t see it.  One Sprouts was out (there was a sale), but the one closest to my house had it.  I bought it and I tasted it today.  It was really good!  I put my low-carb syrup on it that I got from Ralph’s market and had it and again, low-carb and tasted like any other frozen waffle.  So, if you want you or your kids to eat a quick carby breakfast item, they are better off with this lower-carb, coconut flour version of a frozen waffle.  It didn’t even taste dietetic.

Thumbs up.


Sometimes You Will Miss Wheat, So Alternatives!

I am off wheat products because of how badly the product is grown now and how it makes me gain weight and get a big belly (read the Wheatbelly by Dr. William Davis http://www.amazon.com/dp/1609611543.

But, I feel that I can have it once in awhile, but it has to be a low-carb version.

Here is a list of 10 food ideas that you can have once in awhile and know that you won’t be hurting your low-carb diet.

1.  PANCAKES!  You can go to Lindora.com and buy their mix, which is about 13g of carbs for a small stack and they taste great.  Make sure you get lite syrup that has few carbs per tablespoon.  Remember that Pancake Syrup is about 53 g of carbs per 4 tablespoons.  I can get a quarter of a cup for 10g of carbs in my syrup.  (See picture)

Also, there are mixes at Netrition.com:

http://www6.netrition.com/lc_foods_pancake_mix.html and http://www6.netrition.com/tova_carbquik_page.html (which can be used for waffles and pizza too)


I haven’t bought it yet, but if it is as good as their syrup, I am going to like it.


2.  FlatOut Bread, with less than 10g net carbs per piece.  Make wraps or pizza.





3.  Western Bagel Perfect 10 Bagel (10g net carbs per bagel vs. over 35g for most bagels):



4.  Netrition and other online sites have breads and pita breads that are low carb.  Look at Netrition.com for choices.  Also, there are some low-carb and diabetic sugar free places in different cities and states.  Look them up online.

5.  Almond Flour substitution in cakes like the one I blogged about.  YUMMY.  

finished cake6.  Soy pasta noodles by Shirtaki.   I have had them and they smell when you open, but after you microwave, DELISH!

But, Netrition.com and Lindora.com also sell low-carb pasta noodles for sphaghetti, lasagna, etc.



7.  LOW carb protein bars.  This one and Power Crunch are my favorites, although my sister in law likes the lower carb Kind bars.

nature valley


8.  There are lower carb small flat breads in the market for sandwiches, but watch the carb count on those.  Remember, you want between 50 and 100g of carbs a day and no more, to lose weight.  The closer to 50, the faster the weight falls off.  However, the low-carb tortillas that I have bought at Costco and Trader Joes make a nice enchillada with turkey, cheese, tomatoes and sauce.



9.  Cauliflower-based pizza crust pizza.  So good, you won’t miss the wheat crust.  SO low carb.  I can eat the whole 9 inch pizza for about 10-15g of carbs vs. 30g per slice of a normal pizza.





10. My zucchini instead of pasta noodles lasagna.  Delicious.  However, if you really want to get LOW CARB pasta, you can get it online at places like Netrition.com or a low carb shop.  If you eat the regular noodles, it is fattening!  Too many carbs!20130325-223344.jpg



Pancakes That Will Keep You Skinny

After two years of dodging illness, I caught a cold.  Today I am starting to feel better.  I still ate well, but I felt like I needed pancakes.  Did I go off the diet?  NO!

I ate my Lindora.com pancakes.  They are so good.  I have tried a lot of different low-carb syrups and STILL my favorites are Maple Farms Sugar Free Pancake Syrup (gluten-free and Splenda-sweetened) and Cary’s.  Both are about 12g of carbs per quarter cup of syrup vs. 50g per two tablespoons of regular sugared maple syrup.

But, while investigating for this blog, I discovered that Maple Farms makes a pancake and waffle mix that is only 8g of carb per 1/4 mix (more for the Lindora version).  So, I am going to order it and try it and report back.  If it is as delicious as the Lindora version, I am happy.  It will be cheaper too and still loaded with protein at 11g per 1/4 cup!

The site where you can buy these things if you can’t find it at a store and where I will buy my mix (Ralph’s market had the syrups):  Netrition.com  http://www.netrition.com/maple_grove_pancake_mix_page.html

And I found packets that you can bring with you to restaurants for syrup:  http://www.shopwell.com/walden-farms-pancake-syrup-ready-to-serve-packets/honey-syrup/p/7245713399



What? Pancakes on a diet?

Yesterday, I talked about cheating and how sometimes you can make a meal that is a cheat, but technically NOT.

So, today, I am sharing with you a picture of my CHEAT for Thursday.

Lindora pancake mix.  12g of net carbs for what you see in the picture, with lite syrup that is 1g of carb for 1/4 cup.  I barely used two tablespoons.

HOWEVER, if I had used regular maple syrup at about 50g of carbs per 2 tablespoons, I would have ruined my diet for the day for sure!

Same amount of pancakes with regular mix is about 33g of carbs, so almost triple what these have.

So, I had a tiny bit of butter on my cakes, they were low-carb and low sugar cakes and sugar free syrup. (look on labels, some of the low sugar syrups are still high at 20g of carbs per 2 tablespoons.  That is not low, just half of regular syrup.  So, buyer beware.  Compare!  There are some good sugar free syrups out there.  Makers of those include the one in the picture, Cary’s, Log Cabin has one, Mrs. Butterworth makes one and Walden Farms.

If I ate regular cakes with regular syrup, instead of having about 13g of net carbs for my meal, I would have been eating for the cakes and syrup, 33+50 (two tablespoons)=83g of carbs.

13g vs. 83g of carbs.  See why this could be seen as a cheat, but it isn’t!?  They tasted JUST as good to me and I saved 70g of carbs.  That could have caused me to not lose weight for the week.


You can also find low carb pancake mixes on websites like Carbessentials.net and Netrition.com, and even Amazon.  Just Google it!