Low-Carb Noodles or Pasta

Sometimes I just want something different.  Sometimes I just miss pasta.  Sometimes I just want something that feels like comfort.

I have written about this before, but I want to remind people that you can have pasta noodles with a little bit of sauce, just make sure they are the tofu kind and not the wheat-based kind.  Only 3g of carbs per serving.  Not available at every store.  But, you can look online to locate them.  They are also on Amazon.com.



They are good.  They smell funny until cooked and then they are awesome.

Try them.  Inexpensive too!

I think I am going to have some right now.

Low Sugar and Carb Toppings

Walden Farms makes outrageously tasty toppings and syrups for those who are either on a low sugar, low-calorie or low carb diet or are just diabetic.  You should try one or more and there is a sale right now on Vitacost.com.  There are some stores that carry some of the products, but you should check it out.   Any order over $45 has free shipping.  Chocolate sauce, jams, pasta sauce, salad dressing, etc.






You Can Have Your Cake And Eat It Too

Dr. Oz had a guest, who spoke about the importance of low sugar in a diet.  Jorge Cruise has great recipes on his site, Jorgecruise.com.  But, he has a recipe for no-sugar, low-calorie chocolate cake.  It is small, it is quick and you cook it in the microwave for 60 seconds.  So, I tried it and even my husband liked it.  I recommend it for those with a sweet or chocolate tooth!

2 minute chocolate cake recipe:

1/4 cup Truvia Baking Blend

1.2 cup almond flour

3 tablespoons unsweetend cocoa powder

1/8 teaspoon baking powder

1/2  teaspoon baking soda

1/4 teaspoon salt

2 tablespoons coconut oil

1 egg

2 tablespoons half and half


Mix all ingredients in a bowl, mix, pour 1/4 of mixture into a mug (can make 4 mugs, filled up about 1/5 of each cup because it expands).  Cook mug  in microwave for 60 seconds.

trim a little around the edge of the mug and then pour out onto a plate.  Then put whip cream on top.

Here are pictures of the process.  I would say there is about 2-3g of carbs in this little delicacy for the day!

cakemixes cakemixbowl cakemixdark cakemixcooked cakemixcookedout finished cake

Can I eat popcorn?

A reader was kind enough to write to me about my snacking on nuts issue and revealed her snacking on popcorn issue.  I want to blog my response.

(Corn is not part of my low-carb diet)

I have stopped all nuts for now and only get nuts in my protein bars. If/when I return, I will have to measure and put in bags and only allow myself one of those bags a day. You have to measure and prepare.

Now, as far as my opinion of popcorn. I haven’t had popcorn in years and I loved popcorn. It is the same as chips. If you put out popcorn for mindless TV eating, you will just gorge on it. The best thing to do for TV viewing is cut up veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc) and a humus dip. You get full on veggies fast and you won’t eat as much as you would think. You could also do celery and peanut butter on them, but only put out a counted out amount.

Popcorn is 6g of carbs per cup. That is not a lot of popcorn really. So, by the time you are done eating it, you are eating a lot of carbs.

But, here is my biggest issue with popcorn. It is made from corn. There are three products that are horribly modified by Monsanto–corn, cotton and soybeans. I don’t eat soybeans and I don’t eat corn anymore–ever. If you like poisoning yourself with corn, the same corn that other countries will NOT buy from the United States because the effects of our corn on our bodies is similar to DDT, then you can eat it. But, I have had enough health issues to stay far away, no matter how good it tastes. Think of it like anti-freeze for dogs. Tastes sweet to them, but it will kill them.


Here is a link by Dr. Mercola about corn products. I hope you will choose to stay away from it because you don’t realize that you are poisoning yourself and your husband with it. And stick with vegetables or have a measured out amount of Smart Carb Ice Cream…or you can Google Jorge Cruise’s 2 minute no sugar chocolate cake and have some of that.


Try to learn not to associate food with the game. You have conditioned yourselves to eat with football. Learn a new way. Keep your fingers busy with sewing or play on your IPAD like I do. Eat before the game and then you won’t be hungry. Snack on protein before the game. But, please, stay away from the poison–I mean the popcorn.



My Advice to Someone Stuck in Non Weight Loss

 Someone I know called me wanting to know how to lose the weight, that the Lindora plan (low carb plan was not working for her).  Here is what I wrote to her:


You have to be disciplined. I never eat wheat products anymore, except for exceptions that I will name in a few paragraphs.

This is not a diet, it is a lifestyle of being healthy and eating the right way.  The wrong way got us fat.  We have to retrain our brains.  Sugar is highly addictive and we are addicts.  We have to get through it by recognizing i.

not on a diet

I NEVER do rice or cereal or oatmeal. Never any potatoes. Not worth it. No yams or sweet potatoes either, I gain from it.  Too many carbs, not worth it. And definitely no pasta. If I eat Italian– meat. veggies and salad only. There are delish recipes for cauliflower based pizzas and zucchini slices instead of pasta noodle lasagna on the Internet. I have experimented and love both. The pizza is delish. You could go out for pizza that is regular once in a while, but you can only eat half of a small and it has to be gluten-free with lite cheese–but only here and there.

No booze. Bad for a diet. When you lost weight, a mixed cocktail once in a while, but it is what you do for skinniness. The body does not burn fat when you have alcohol in you.  I do not drink.

I have turned down onion rings, fries, fresh brownies, canolis and you can have a bite once in a while, but I don’t recommend cheating because it is a slippery slope. No chips either. Every tortilla chip, only ONE chip is a gram of carbs. Not worth it. I would rather have a protein bar than eat only 9 chips and eat the same amount of carbs, but way less protein. If it isn’t high in protein, I don’t bother.

Coffee, kills the need to eat.  Water, etc. multi vit’s and potassium.

Example of what I do:

Eat about every 3-4 hours!
I have either a hard-boiled egg or over-well egg with feta for breakfast. I sometimes add a chicken sausage. No carbs. If you go out, you have an egg or two, no toast. I ask for grilled tomatoes and grapefruit or a small cup of fruit. Once or twice a week, I will eat the Lindora oatmeal or pancakes because they are low-carb. You have to use lite syrup and start looking at labels on everything!  Regular syrup is 50 g of carbs for two tablespoons, yet sugar-free  Maple Grove Farms and Cary’s ..from Ralph’s. and other stores (you would have to look at labels) has about 10 to 12g per quarter cup. See the huge difference?

Before lunch.

Protein snack. Protein bar. Best one around is at Target and  Costco. Nature Valley Protein Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate bar or at Power Crunch bars at Smart and Final and Trader Joes and even online at vitacost.com   These are only about 9g net carb per bar and about 10g protein. More protein, less carb. Vitacost has Power Crunch bars that are made with Belgium chocolate too. Very low carb and decadent tasting.  Kind makes some decent bars, but I prefer the others I mentioned.


Always a salad with added chicken, turkey or any lean protein, even at a burger joint near me,  the Counter,I have their smallest 1/3 lb burger in a salad bowl. No carbs in the burger and you watch what you put in the bowl. No fries. Ever. I go to a salad cafe a lot and I told them I wanted a cup of lettuce and two small veggies. So usually half a cup of tomatoes and 1/4 cup carrots. Carrots are the only root vegetable I touch (carbs) and rule of thumb, half of the amount of regular veggies.

Snack a few hours later after lunch

Any of the proteins, Protein bar, Dannon Greek Lite and Fit at 8g of carbs per cup and I put a cup of cut up strawberries in it. Eggs, low-fat cheese slices or baby bells or string cheese, a small bag of measured out nuts, a protein shake or hot chocolate  by Lindora. Maybe the oatmeal, chicken sausage or low-fat hot dog. Maybe turkey burger. maybe low-fat chocolate pudding. Maybe an In and Out burger wrapped in lettuce, protein style (Carl’s does this too on their $6 burger). I always have protein snacks at work. Keep extra bag of sunflower seeds in my purse for emergencies. Can’t go for 6 hours without a protein hit. Bad for the metabolism.  Lite string cheese or a couple of Lite Baby Bells are good too.


Same at lunch. I can even have split baby back and tri tip combo with john , with a small side salad. Tasty.  Also, Lindora has a low-carb pasta they sell and it is delish. You can get their stuff at Lindora.com and don’t even have to be a member. I use only a little sauce, just like the cauliflower-based pizza.  I make a good turkey meatloaf too and I have that on my blog.

I have rules and recipes on my blog, skinny-rules.com and If you scrolled back to September of last year and look at all of my posts, every rule and all recipes are on there over time.

A few hours after dinner

A protein that is like a dessert. Again any Lindora chocolate product, protein bar, and then I get every day if I can, a carbolite that is only 2g of carbs per ounce. Regular frozen yogurt is between 6g of carbs and  more per ounce.  I eat Carbolite, which has protein, low carb….lost weight with it.  But, some markets like Ralph’s have Smart Carb ice cream, and that is low too.

I research every day. I write my blog a few times a week. I research, read labels, google ingredients on nutrition counter sites and work to learn the carb count and try to keep carbs at about 59 to 70g a day. I research and write about it on the blog.  I cook and put it on the blog.

Wheat products I will do: Western Bagel’s perfect 10 bagel is only 10g net carbs. I never gain on that bagel. I eat it with lite cream cheese or an egg on it.  Also, I make a great turkey or chicken burritos and I put the recipe on my blog.  I use a low-carb tortilla from Costco or Trader Joes at less than 7g of carbs per burrito, BUT a regular burrito shell is about 40g.  The less than 7g  of carb shell tastes good, so why have a regular shell? Also, all of this is brown wheat as fiber. Fiber fills you up. A regular white dough bagel will not fill you up. This is how Gwyneth Paltrow feeds her kids. Low carb only. They are thin.

I go out to eat and i get fish or meat, I get veggies and salad, no rice or potatoes.

Netrition.com and carbessentials.net have things you can buy.  There are some stores in some neighborhoods that are sugar-free or low carb stores.  Look them up on the internet.

If you are not losing weight, then it sounds like you are not following the rules, reading labels, and picking the right food eat. You are likely not prepping for your meals and snacks throughout the day. Even fast food places like Chick Fil A and Jack in the Box and Trader Joes and other markets have salads with just chicken in them. I eat those at times. Even at restaurants, I have ordered a side of eggs with grilled tomatoes and fruit or brisket sandwich, took the bread off, ate half of the meat with mustard and had salad with it. Tasty, but you have to consider portion control.

Please read my blog from front to back and if you still have questions, then let me know. But, I could meet you, tell you all of this and you still won’t lose if you aren’t diligent like I have been. I went to Lindora, followed the rules and I look up info every week and I won’t eat it if I don’t know the carb count.

Don’t let friends or family sabotage you. Anyone trying to get me to eat out of my plan is no friend and I chew them out and refuse to eat with them if they don’t stop.

I like being thin way more than i like food,  and once you give up potatoes and all of those things that convert to sugar, and you get over withdrawal, you won’t want it anymore. I only crave my chocolate and Carbolite. I also crave protein now, not carbs. This takes a few weeks. Drink coffee. Oh, Americanos are ok, no lattes or frappes . Too much sugar and carbs. I carried non-dairy creamer with me wherever I went. No milk in it. I use half and half, from time to time, but only a little.

Prepping and carrying stuff with you or having it at work, home and restaurants is key.

I do elliptical for an hour about 4 times a week and use my iPad at the same time. Makes the time fly. I do yoga 2 times a week and Pilates mat 3 times a week and 1 day a week, reformer. It takes time to build up this kind of routine, but it is easy as you see the weight fall off. I make exercise part of my day schedule and I only miss for illness and special events.  If someone wants to go out for happy hour or dinner, they will have to go after my class or not at all. I will not cancel my one hour class for something so easily remedied.

Put yourself first. More important than shopping, clothes or coffee clotches. What is the point of expensive clothing, if you don’t like how you look in them. When thin, you can wear a burlap sack and look good. That is what keeps me motivated, that and feeling healthy.

AND TAKE YOUR VITAMINS and MINERALS.  Getting B shots from your doctor can help lots too!  Drink  your non-sugary fluids.  You are less likely to just eat mindlessly if you drink liquids and fill up with them.
Read the blog.  I put a lot of work into it to share my success with others.


Veggie Patties Good For A Diet?

A friend of mine was eating at a restaurant that I go to with my husband, and she commented that she ate a veggie patty in a lettuce bowl, instead of a burger bun.  She wants to lose weight and felt she was being really healthy.  Well, perhaps a veggie burger  is healthier regarding fat issues with meat and keeping your arteries clean.  However, this is not always the case.

The healthy reasons to choose a veggie burger:

One of the best reasons for choosing a veggie burger is to cut saturated fat. Depending on its size, a regular hamburger’s 4-7  grams of saturated fat are a significant part of the recommended daily limit of 15 to 25 grams, which varies from person to person. Most veggie burgers contain from 0 to 1 gram of saturated fat.  However, a burger made of extra lean ground beef (90% lean) reduces saturated fat, but only to 3-5 grams. Chicken, turkey and salmon burgers are better options. At 2-3 grams, their saturated fat can be almost as low as a veggie burger.

(So, you can eat meat and still be healthy, if you go for low-fat options!)

The size of a veggie burger affects its nutrition content, and its size is another reason why it is a healthy choice.

If you choose veggie burgers for the benefits of soy, check that you’re getting what you want. Veggie burgers with soy contain soy protein that can help reduce blood cholesterol, but not all the protein is from soy.

Some people choose veggie burgers over traditional hamburgers to boost their dietary fiber intake. Others want to cut back on red meat, since too much of that may increase the risk of colon cancer.

Others simply like the convenience of being able to cook a frozen veggie burger in one to two minutes. Others fear E. coli bacteria in meat, although the risk is minimal when the meat is thoroughly cooked.

Try not to choose a veggie burger with over 300 mg of sodium per serving, if you eat a lot of processed foods. If you limit your meat consumption, look for veggie burgers with more iron than others (aim for at least 10 percent of the Daily Value) and fortified with vitamin B-12.

Sometimes people think a portobello mushroom can replace a burger nutritionally. If you eat plenty of meat, fish, poultry, or vegetarian protein, a mushroom “burger” is fine. If you don’t, accompany your mushroom burger with a soup or salad containing beans or low-fat cheese. A veggie burger made with soy, nuts, or other proteins is a nutritional replacement for meat because it provides protein, iron and other nutrients that a mushroom lacks.




Now, as far as keeping the carb count down in your diet, you need to know this!  Veggie burgers are high in carbs.  So, they might be good in many ways, but they are not so kind to the waistline.  The friend I ran into, who had the veggie burger in the salad bowl–she had about 48g of carbs just in the veggie patty.  And with dressing and other things in her salad, she probably had at least 15g of carbs more.  So, she had her allotment of her 50-100g of carbs in her food just at dinner.  I would say for sure that she didn’t lose weight that day and that she might have put some weight on, depending on what she ate the rest of the day.  And here she thought she was eating light.  I had the lean meat burger patty, which had 0 carbs.  So my salad was about 20g of carbs and hers was more like 65g of carbs.

So, if you want to lose weight, unless you look at labels, look online and check for carbs and are VERY CAREFUL, the vegetarian option might not help with weight loss.  Sorry, but that is just the way it is.  You have to make SMART choices!  If I was a vegetarian,  personally, would have chosen the salad bowl and added egg to it as my “protein”.  Less than 1g of carb per egg and 6g of protein per egg.  Sometimes I have an egg or two in my salad anyway.  They are tasty.


How to Count Calories

I prefer to count carbs and watch my portion control.  I eat 50-100g of carbs per day, have 6 small portions of proteins a day, four small servings of veggies and two small servings of fruit each day, two small salads per day, watching what choices I make on all of them.  However, some people want to know how to count calories.  Here is how:

    1. Determine How Many Calories You Should EatHow many calories you need to eat to maintain your current weight depends on factors such as your gender, age, height, weight, and activity level. Your body uses about two-thirds of the calories you consume each day just to keep its systems functioning — your heart beating, your muscles moving. The rest of your calorie intake, according to My Calorie Counter, fuels everyday activities.To find out your ideal caloric intake, start by calculating what’s known as your base metabolic rate (BMR):
      • Women: Multiply your weight by 10. Men: Multiply by 11. This is your BMR.
      • Now add to that 20 percent of your BMR if you have a sedentary lifestyle; 30 percent if you are somewhat active; 40 percent if you are moderately active; or 50 percent if you are very active.
      • The number you get is how many calories you need to maintain your weight.

1.  Count How Many Calories You Actually Eat and Burn

You can track your calories online at MyCalorieCounter.com or their app.  Also, you can list how many calories you burned.

You can easily cut 500 calories by making small diet and exercise changes throughout your day. Here’s one approach:

      • Breakfast: Drink water instead of orange juice (calories saved: 117)
      • Snack: Have sliced cucumber and a tablespoon of hummus instead of a bag of chips (calories saved: 119)
      • Lunch: Swap out your salad’s creamy ranch dressing for fat-free Italian (calories saved: 66)
      • Dessert: Eat half of a cup of strawberries instead of a half of a cup of chocolate ice cream (calories saved: 118).
      • Exercise: Stroll at a moderate pace for 30 minutes (calories burned: 125 for a woman weighing 145)

2.  Get Portion Saavy.

In a world where SUPERSIZED is the new normal, these tips can help you recognize what a healthy portion looks like, which can help you keep calories in check:

    • Think of a tennis ball. It’s the equivalent of one cup of food, which is the recommended portion for such foods as pasta, cereal, and yogurt.
    • Don’t eat straight out of the container or bag. It’s a recipe for mindlessly overeating. Instead, measure a serving size of whatever you’re noshing on — almonds, soy chips, or other snacks — and put it on a plate or in a bowl.
    • Use smaller plates. Trick your mind into thinking that you have more food by downsizing your large dinner plate for a smaller salad-sized one. A healthy portion can look teeny on a huge plate but will seem more normal when you shrink its surroundings.
    • Spoil your appetite with nutritious food. Try eating celery sticks with peanut butter an hour before mealtime.

Remember to keep portion size in control and count calories and/or carbs!  Read labels!


To Wheat or Not To Wheat….

I want to talk about why I am happy that I gave up WHEAT.


Have you read the Wheat Belly?  It is all about how scary wheat is nowadays.  It isn’t the same wheat that your grandma bought and ate.  It is modified and it is really “frankenwheat”.

Wheat now causes a lot of problems for people.  It is grown differently, having shorter root systems and therefore pulls in LESS minerals than the ancient wheat.  So, it is less nutritious, it has more gluten and causes more internal toxicity to people than ancient wheat.  If you’re interested in more, check out Dr. Davis (of Wheat Belly fame), who’s made it something of his mission to rail against what he calls a “perfect, chronic poison.”

Read more: http://www.marksdailyapple.com/the-problems-with-modern-wheat/#ixzz2T8j52DKj

I have noticed that after I gave up eating wheat due to the high carb content in it, I was feeling better all the way round.  My bloated belly went down, my bathroom issues were going away, less bloat, pain, the runs.  I was losing weight quickly for the first time.  I never lost that much on other diets, because those diet had wheat products.  My friend, Kathy, was having bloat, belly and weight issues and she thought I was crazy to give up wheat products.  Then she read the Wheat Belly and she gave it up after she read how scary wheat is to the body.  She looks and feels better than I have seen her in years!

It is hard at first to give up bread, but after a couple of weeks, you don’t crave it anymore and it is so worth it.  I get burgers protein-wrapped in lettuce or on a salad.  It really isn’t a big deal.  I am saving about 40g of carbs for the bun!  I lost weight and I am keeping it off because I said b’bye to bread.  Once in a while, I have a Westernbagel.com Perfect 10 (10g net carbs) and that gets me through a craving that hits once in a blue moon.  But, to poison myself with it everyday is ludicrous–especially now that I know what it does to me.  Also, once in a blue moon, I can have two small slices of GLUTEN-FREE pizza and I will do ok, and not gain weight….but I would if I did this often.  So, you don’t have to never eat wheat again, but the less you do, the better for you in general.  It is not really a food group that should be on the chart.  Eat your proteins, vegetables, fruits, salads.  You will do great.

And what about gluten?  It is not a necessity in your diet.  It is a protein in wheat, barley and rye, but it is not necessary.  You can get what you need from eating more vegetables.

Read this article on how gluten and wheat are not good for you!


So, I live a paleo or mediterranean lifestyle food-wise.  I feel great, more energetic, look better and I am skinny.  You can do it too.  It is a LOT easier to lose weight doing this and keeping it off.

bread (1)