Skinny POP!

New obsession! Costco has it, but not right now, they have the Boom Chikka Pop stuff (which is also really good, but twice the calories of Skinny Pop). Skinny Pop tastes like movie theatre popcorn to me, but it is pretty low calorie and low carb. I ran out of my Costco large bag (my husband ate it too–DARN!)  and I stocked up from Target. They also have individual small bags for your lunch–100 calories and 7 net carbs. I am waiting for the next Costco delivery after their assortment of Boom Chikka Pop runs out (special right now, buy one bag, one free).  I ordered a bag from Target of their White Cheddar ones too.  I think I am going popcorn crazy–but you still have to be careful and count carbs!



Can Popcorners Help With Your Diet?

popcorners collage

A new trend of snack.  Popcorners.  All kinds of flavors.  Advertised on their website as, “- a sensible snacking solution that is all natural, gluten-free, and non-gmo.”

Great, but natural in the food market could mean just about anything.  Gluten-free is great and so is non-genetically modified.

However, how is it for losing weight or keeping weight off?

The nutritional content says that it ranges from about 20-23g of carbs per bag small one ounce bag.

If you want to lose weight, you have to keep your carbs between 50g and 100g a day.  The closer to 50g, the better.

If you are eating almost half of your daily allowance in a bag of popcorn (similar to the carb content of a bag of chips), then what the heck can you eat the rest of the day to keep your carb count down?

You will NOT lose weight on chips, pretzels (double the amount of chips), or Popcorners.  In fact, I personally stay away from anything that is made from corn, potatoes or rice.  Major carbs and starchy, shoots your glucose way up and helps to continue to sugar roller-coaster and cravings.  It is just crappy so-called “food.”


One of my clients has stopped sugary carbs for a few weeks now and he no longer craves any of these things.  He used to crave shakes, chips and french fries and it went away with time (withdrawal).

Snacks should be protein-based.  Low-carb protein bars or shakes, meat, low-fat cheese, eggs, measured out nuts, low-fat chocolate pudding, low-carb Greek yogurt, fruit, etc.

Why not make an omelette with veggies and some low-fat cheese?  I do that and it is really good.  Get some good turkey bacon or sausage.  Stop eating processed foods from a bag.  If it can live in your closet for an undetermined amount of time, it is probably NOT good for you.  Even protein bars go bad after a while.

Eat better food.  Garbage in, garbage out.

Can I eat popcorn?

A reader was kind enough to write to me about my snacking on nuts issue and revealed her snacking on popcorn issue.  I want to blog my response.

(Corn is not part of my low-carb diet)

I have stopped all nuts for now and only get nuts in my protein bars. If/when I return, I will have to measure and put in bags and only allow myself one of those bags a day. You have to measure and prepare.

Now, as far as my opinion of popcorn. I haven’t had popcorn in years and I loved popcorn. It is the same as chips. If you put out popcorn for mindless TV eating, you will just gorge on it. The best thing to do for TV viewing is cut up veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc) and a humus dip. You get full on veggies fast and you won’t eat as much as you would think. You could also do celery and peanut butter on them, but only put out a counted out amount.

Popcorn is 6g of carbs per cup. That is not a lot of popcorn really. So, by the time you are done eating it, you are eating a lot of carbs.

But, here is my biggest issue with popcorn. It is made from corn. There are three products that are horribly modified by Monsanto–corn, cotton and soybeans. I don’t eat soybeans and I don’t eat corn anymore–ever. If you like poisoning yourself with corn, the same corn that other countries will NOT buy from the United States because the effects of our corn on our bodies is similar to DDT, then you can eat it. But, I have had enough health issues to stay far away, no matter how good it tastes. Think of it like anti-freeze for dogs. Tastes sweet to them, but it will kill them.


Here is a link by Dr. Mercola about corn products. I hope you will choose to stay away from it because you don’t realize that you are poisoning yourself and your husband with it. And stick with vegetables or have a measured out amount of Smart Carb Ice Cream…or you can Google Jorge Cruise’s 2 minute no sugar chocolate cake and have some of that.

Try to learn not to associate food with the game. You have conditioned yourselves to eat with football. Learn a new way. Keep your fingers busy with sewing or play on your IPAD like I do. Eat before the game and then you won’t be hungry. Snack on protein before the game. But, please, stay away from the poison–I mean the popcorn.