Food Companies are Sneaky and Making Us Fat and We Didn’t Even See It Coming!

A big problem for many people who have to lose weight or want to gain control over their diet, is that they are addicted to sugar and many don’t even know it!  Sugar is hidden in many foods.  It is in your cereal, fruit drinks, almond milk, protein bars and drinks, yogurt and other items that you thought were “healthy.”  Unless you read labels and look at the grams of sugar in EVERY serving in every item, you may have no idea about what you are eating in sugar!  You just eat and you get sucked into the sugar roller coaster.


There are also a lot of different names for sugar, so you might think you aren’t eating it, but you are!


You need to start looking at labels.


If you eat something and it says that there are two servings in it, but you ate the WHOLE thing, then the nutrient content on the label is DOUBLED because you ate the two servings, but it looked like one serving when you ate it.  Labels can be designed to mislead you into buying the product–as you THINK it is healthy, but it actually wasn’t.

sugar cravings

How can you get over sugar cravings so you won’t keep wanting to eat it?  Your brain is going to tell you to eat it because it liked the effect that the first use had on it.  Sugar is very addictive.  So, go out and get things to munch on that have no to low sugar, and munch on them when you get the cravings:

  • almonds and other nuts or seeds
  • whole fruits (small serving)
  • gluten-free crackers and cheese  (watch the number of crackers–high in carbs)
  • low-sugar protein bars (Try a brand like Quest which contains minimal natural sweeteners)
  • Carb-Smart ice cream bar
  • low-sugar yogurt (Greek is good!)
  • low-sugar chocolate (even Trader Joe’s has some at the check out line)
  • nice hot cup of coffee or tea
  • low sugar hot chocolate
  • go exercise or call a friend

Treats on a DIET

I talked to a friend today who started her diet again.  I wish her all the best of luck.  

The problem with starting any diet is that it is harder to do if you are surrounded by other people in the house who are eating cookies and other good things.  It is really hard to stay focused because you see the cookie.

It is important to surround yourself with things that you can have daily that will satisfy you, so you won’t feel left out or deprived.

I keep chocolate in my house, plus good tasting protein bars like Power Crunch, etc.  I use them as one of my six proteins for the day and they taste good.

Also, find recipes for things that you can make.  My friend made Jorge Cruise’s chocolate cake in a mug.  I have had those, and they are easy and good.

Flour choices:

1.  Coconut Flour.  High in protein and fiber and low in digestible carbs.  Use it to make breaded foods.

2.  Almond Flour.  healthy fats, high in protein and monounsaturated fats.Use it for baking. It adds moistness and a rich nutty taste.

3.  Flaxseed Flour.   Rich in fiber and omega-3 fatty acids.  Use it to make cookies, pancakes, muffins and cakes.


Recipe for Chocolate Cake in a Mug


2-Minute Cake With Almond Flour

1/4 cup Truvia Baking Blend
1/2 cup almond flour
3 tbsp unsweetened cocoa powder
1/8 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp baking soda
1/4 tsp salt
2 tbsp coconut oil
1 egg
2 tbsp half & half

Mix all ingredients together in a bowl until the mixture is even and smooth (no lumps).

Pour 1/4 of the mixture into a mug and microwave for 2 minutes.

Refrigerate remaining batter for later! I put whipped cream on mine.


So, if you want to be successful on your diet, find these low-carb treat cheats to be successful!

Eat Better Chocolate Choices for Valentine’s Day!

I haven’t blogged in a week. That is an eternity for me. The reason is because I have been readjusting my newer thyroid medication and I have been feeling nauseous and jittery.  I am starting to feel better today.  I am still the same weight and want to get down a few pounds.  I have cranked up the exercise and I am watching my food, but now that my thyroid is working properly again, it will begin to get easier.  I already feel it.

I had to write because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  It is usually a day for flowers and chocolate.  Let’s talk about chocolate.

Some chocolate products are more high in carbs and sugar, than others.  You can have chocolate, but you have to be careful in your choices.

I prefer trying to stick to protein bars with chocolate, because protein is essential to keep your weight down by filling you up and keeping you from feeling hungry.

My choices of protein bars (and some have fiber, which helps reduce the carb count to net carbs):


Power Crunch (I get mine cheap at, but they are at Smart and Final and Trader Joes)

Nature Valley PROTEIN Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bar (but has GMOs: see them at Target))

Kind bars (some–check carbs, some are too high)

and one that is delish, but not high in protein, but very low net carbs and is available at some markets and online is the Amberlyn BELGIUM chocolate bars, which is no sugar (for diabetics), but so tasty, even my chocolate connoisseur friend, Anne–she LOVES it.  I found them in  roadshow at Costco and I am hooked.  Some low or no sugar chocolate tastes weird or chalky….not this one!

Give those you love some chocolate, but make sure it is not going to ruin their diet.  They can have their chocolate, and eat it too (but check portion sizes and carb counts).


Frozen Yogurt: Good Replacement for Ice Cream in a Diet?

I decided to blog about frozen yogurt.  I know a LOT
of people who eat it and think it is a weight loss tool.  But,
it isn’t.  It is all a sham!  And you have to do your
research before you just eat stuff.  “But, it is good for
you.”  Not really.  It has sugar and a lot of things you
can’t even pronounce in it.  It just tastes good and has
probiotics. carbolite Keep in mind.  To
lose weight, you should stick between 50g and 100g of carbs per
day.  IN TOTAL, for the WHOLE DAY! First off.  Even if it
is non-fat frozen yogurt, that doesn’t mean anything.  Fat is
actually a good thing for the body.  And usually, there are
more bad things added to make up for the lack of fat in food.
 So, some frozen yogurt that is non-fat has more sugar and
carbs than low-fat frozen yogurt. Let’s compare and
 Most smalls everywhere range from
30g to 54g of carbs for frozen yogurt!  A lot for a snack.
 Leaves little for dieting the rest of the day.
 Gluten-free, kosher and has probiotics.  That is good,
but half a cup has anywhere from 17 to 27g of carbs (much of that
is sugar) and you will eat MORE than half a cup.  A small is a
full cup.  So, you could be eating 34 to 54g of carbs just in
the yogurt.  And then, if you use toppings….you are eating
MORE carbs and sugar.  The lowest in carbs are nuts and fruit,
from 2 to 6g of carbs per topping.  The most was in gummy
bears and cereal (high 20s).  And carob chips have more carbs
than the actual chocolate.   I see NOTHING at Yogurtland that
I can eat.  You could end up eating just under 100g of carbs
if you order a larger amount than a small (8 ounce size) and get
more than one topping.  You could have had a double
cheeseburger and fries for that!
Many of the other yogurt shops are comparable in those numbers.
NUMBERS MUST BE DOUBLED. Some places have really low-carb no sugar
added frozen yogurt.  Menchie’s has a few flavors, like
Chocolate Peanut Butter at 11g of carbs per half cup.  So, a
small is about 22g without toppings.  Their non-fat is about
22g of carbs per half cup (44g of carbs per small), about 26g of
carbs (52g for a small) for low-fat and tart.  And the sorbet
is about 19g of carbs per half cup (38g for a small).
Yozen Frogurt:
 Regular frozen yogurt small is 30g of carbs, non-fat is MORE
at 36g of carbs and their no-sugar added is 14g of carbs.
My low carb choices:
I get Carbolite, Dream Delite, Wow
 or any other specifically
designed low-carb product.  Not all stores carry this.  I
go to Yogurt Cinema or Yogurt Zone in Woodland HIlls, Ca. and they
have it.  It is basically about 2g of carbs per ounce.
 So, for an 8 ounce cup, it is 16g of carbs and I do no
toppings. The website for Carbolite says it is 4g of carbs per half
cup, so actually if they are right, then my 8 ounce cup of yogurt
is only 8g of carbs.  Sweet!
If you go to the market and get Breyer’s
Carb Smart ice cream
, the carb amount is
about 18g of carbs.  Very low.
Skinny-Cow is not so skinny.  Many of
their frozen desserts are about 30g of carbs. IN
So, if you eat ice cream
(even low fat), you are eating anywhere from 34-38g of carbs per a
8 ounce cup vs. 34-54g for regular frozen yogurt.

And watch out for places like… –Cold Stone. The carbs are about
the same as the store bought ice cream, but it has a lot more sugar
and that can’t be good for your diet or health. — Carvel.  A
Carvel ice cream cone (that is with the cone) is in the 30s of the
carb grams, but more than double with a waffle cone.  And
their chocolate flying saucer is also in the 30s.  I don’t
know about you, but if I was to eat that many carbs (30s), I would
rather have a Carvel soft serve cone than eat a small frozen
yogurt.  This is why you have to research! In a
way, you are better off eating regular ice cream than frozen
yogurt.  It is less carbs, unless you go with the low-carb
versions of either product.

Honey, You Might Be Killing the Kids!

I know someone who came to my office this weekend with his son. This man wants to lose weight and he wants his children to lose weight too. He says he is watching what they eat, and they were late to my office that morning and came in with “breakfast drinks.” What were they drinking that was “good” for them, as he put it?

Nestle Strawberry flavored milk (30g of sugar) and Naked Juice (38g of carbs). There are approximately 4g of sugar per sugar cube. So, I pulled out my sugar cube box and I showed him 7.5 sugar cubes and asked him if he would give them to his son. Of course, he declined, but I told him he was with the chocolate milk–as that is how many sugar cubes are in his drink. And there were about 9 in Dad’s drink.

But, milk and juice is healthy!? Not so much. A balanced amount of milk as a protein, each day, is good for you. However, flavored milk AKA SUGAR milk is not good for you. And, the juice is overkill. FRUIT is good, the pulp and the fiber is needed and NOT in that juice. So, in his juice is 1/2 a banana, 1/3 of a mango and 21/2 apples. If you had to eat that many pieces of fruit in one sitting, you could not really do it. So, EAT fruit, don’t drink it. It is less fiber and too much sugar. Plus, both the milk and the juice were in huge containers and they were both trying to drink the whole thing. They should have just had a little bit of it.

So, what should dad have fed himself and his kid for breakfast? Sure, they were in a hurry that day and they wanted something easy and quick. So, what could Dad have done instead?

Parents need to educate themselves. No wonder there is a problem with a large amount of childhood obesity, and more adults are obese now than ever in the history of the United States. So, here are some ideas!

Quick Low-Sugar Breakfast Ideas:

1. Hard-boiled eggs (pre-made) or just scramble some eggs–quickly.
2. Microwaveable STEEL cut oatmeal (there is some at Trader Joes and at Costco) and put some blueberries in it.
3. A low-carb protein bar.
4. Low-fat string cheese or mini baby bells.
5. Worse case scenario–fast food place, just order scrambled eggs and bacon.
6. Turkey or chicken slices with low-fat cheese or microwaveable turkey bacon or sausage
7. A low-carb protein drink.
8. Put ONE piece of fruit in a blender with some ice and some veggies (there are recipes online) and make a small smoothie.
9. A glass of low-fat milk, low-carb Greek yogurt.
10. Low-carb pancake mix and syrup.

(yes, some of that is processed meat, and nothing is perfect, but it won’t add to your waistline like sugar drinks will.)


Low Sugar and Carb Toppings

Walden Farms makes outrageously tasty toppings and syrups for those who are either on a low sugar, low-calorie or low carb diet or are just diabetic.  You should try one or more and there is a sale right now on  There are some stores that carry some of the products, but you should check it out.   Any order over $45 has free shipping.  Chocolate sauce, jams, pasta sauce, salad dressing, etc.





Proof Why Fad Diet Don’t Work and Why You Have to Cut Carbs and Learn Portion Control

Results suggest that restricting food intake increases the reward value of food, particularly high-calorie, appetizing food , and that the more successful people are at caloric-restriction dieting, the greater difficulty they will face in maintaining the restriction.  Additionally, abstaining from food intake for longer durations of time also increases the reward value of food, which may lead to poor food choices when the individual eventually does eat.

The implications of this imaging study show that if people want to lose excess weight, it would be more effective to consume healthy, low-fat/low-sugar foods during regular meals, rather than go for long periods of time without any caloric intake.  So, for those who do the cleanses, HCG drops, Protein Shakes all day long type of dieting, they are more likely to gain their weight back than those who do slower low-fat and low sugar/carb diets, which involve regular daily meals.

My daily food plan involves 6 protein based meals a day, with two small salads, four small servings of vegetables (not starchy ones) and two small servings of low carb fruits a day.  I also exercise.  I have maintained my weight loss for over a year now.  This way of dieting is way more successful.  It isn’t  really a diet, it is just a new way to eat outside of the old stupid way that I ate, which got me fat in the first place.  You just have re-train your brain to eat the right and healthy way.


HIDDEN SUGAR IN FOOD! 11 Items You Don’t Even Think About

There are things that you might eat that have sugar in them and you might not be aware of that fact when you are eating them.  Hidden sugar, hidden carbs.

The 11 Items That Have Hidden Sugar:

1.  SUGAR:  The natural fructose sugar found in fruits and vegetables and lactose sugar in milk and dairy is part of a healthful diet. The problem lies with processed foods packed with high amounts of sugar (namely sucrose and high fructose corn syrup).  It is not just in candy, soda and cake.  There are a lot of things that use it in the ingredients.  Look at labels before you buy.

2.  GRANOLA BARS:  These contain a lot of added sugar. Instead of a prepackaged granola bar, you could create your own trail mix with a handful of nuts, dry oatmeal or muesli, dried fruit with natural sugar, such as cranberries, and even a few bits of dark chocolate. This will almost guarantee the nutrients and energy you need, while you control the added sugar.  however, that could be higher in carbs and not necessarily good for weight loss.  I prefer Power Crunch bars, Nature Valley Protein Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bars or some other LOW carb protein bar.

3.  CEREAL:  You need to really look closely at cereals. Some so-called healthy and granola-based cereals have as many as 13 grams of sugar per serving, while other cereals have as few as 6 or even 2 grams.  Most cereal is high in carbs and I wouldn’t even go near it on a diet and to stay skinny–I don’t do cereal.  I have eggs, bacon, sausage, Lindora oatmeal, low-carb protein bars, etc. for breakfast.

4.  BARBEQUE SAUCE:  The ingredients can include one or more of the “natural sugars,” such as honey, molasses, and brown sugar. Bottled brands can have as many as 11 grams of added sugar per serving.. Every time you slather on barbecue sauce, you are adding sugar to your meat, a naturally sugar-free protein. Seasoning meat before cooking with a tasty blend of spices, called a rub, is a better option for a low-sugar diet.

5.  KETCHUP:  The label shows it is made up of tomatoes and sugar.  Other words that are sugar-type ingredients are corn starch, sorghum, glucose, fructose, lactose, sucrose, galactose, maltose, and concentrated juices, like concentrated grape or apple juice.  I usually stick with mustard or just a dash of ketchup.

6.  TOMATO SOUP/SAUCE:  Like ketchup, tomato sauce and tomato soup may also be foods with sugar added. When cooking these from scratch at home, you might use caramelized onions or carrots, or Splenda  for a little sweetness to counter the acidity in tomatoes and forgo the sugar.  Not all tomato products contain a lot of added sugar, so get in the habit of checking out the label.  Tomato paste, canned diced tomatoes, and salsa are better choices.

7.  JUICE:  Juice is a concentrated source of sugar and is not very filling or appetite-satisfying.  Even if the label says it’s 100 percent natural and contains only natural sugars, you still may be looking at a hefty serving of sugar per portion. For example, a 10-ounce bottle of pure apple juice could have as many as 32 grams of sugar. Instead of a glass of juice, choose fresh fruit — while it still contains sugar, it also has fiber as well.  Even juicing at home (which is still better) is way too much sugar.  EAT your fruit.  Juicing is a lot of carbs!  It can ruin your daily carb count.

8.  LEMONADE:  Lemons are a wonderful source of antioxidants and vitamin C.  Instead of lemonade, you can add a squeeze of lemon to water improve taste and it is good for you. But when turned into lemonade, the benefits of lemons may be outweighed by the amount of the added sugar needed to sweeten the beverage, as many as 25 grams per serving. If you really want lemonade, make it fresh at home and control the sugars you use or stick with Splenda to avoid sugar and carbs.

9:  SWEET TEA:  Same as lemonade, you can make it with Splenda instead to save on the sugar.   The reality is that sweet tea often contains just as much sugar and just as little nutrition as soda. Both black and green teas can be good for you because of their antioxidants — just go for the unsweetened variety.

10:  ENERGY DRINKS:  Same as Sweet Tea.  Supposedly good for you, but some of them have 20 or 30 carbs due to the added sugar.  Some are ZERO carbs and sugar.  Read labels!

11.  FLAVORED YOGURT:  Yogurt is so good for your digestive tract that it’s hard to think of it as a food with sugar or that the 6 to 7 teaspoons of added sugar in one serving of flavored yogurt could be an issue. But just try to imagine yourself layering that amount of sugar onto plain yogurt. A better option is to go Greek: Drizzle a little honey onto plain, Thick style Greek or simply rely on the natural sweetness of berries or other fresh fruit that you add yourself to liven it up.  Also some of the Greek Yogurts have less sugar than others.  Dannon Lite and Fit has 8g carbs, Choboni has 20g of carbs.  Both taste the same.  Again, read labels.hiddensugar