10 Things You Might Be Doing to Yourself to Sabotage Your Diet Lifestyle

No one is perfect.  Let’s face it, everyone eats things once in a while that are not good for your diet.  But, if you screw up with your diet daily, then you will gain weight.  It is that simple.

I had a slip and put on a few pounds and couldn’t lose them.  I follow all of my own rules and I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.  I fixed it and lost half of a pound a day since doing it.  I was eating just a few too many nuts.  If you don’t count them out, it is like the Wild West and you end up doing too many calories and carbs.  So, I am off nuts for a while and only get them in my protein bars.  I will use lite cheese to cut my hunger when it comes between my 6 protein meals and for now, I am off the nuts because I can’t trust myself.

So, what do you do that sabotages your diet?  Here are some ways people sabotage themselves.

1.  Eating too few calories will lead to binging.  Women need about 1,200 a day, men need about 1,500.  Carbs are between 50-100g.

2.  Forbidding foods.  I cannot forbid myself from chocolate or I will go nuts.  So, my compromise, I have it in diet things like my protein bars, lite chocolate pudding or shakes.  I can have a bite of a chocolate cake if absolutely necessary, but I would prefer to stick to eating a chocolate PROTEIN item.  Very little protein and too much sugar in brownies and cake.

3.  Skipping breakfast and slowing your metabolism.   You have to get your body going.  I have a hard-boiled egg and run out the door.  But, you can make eggs, chicken sausage, have light cheese.  Find a protein.  Toast, Pop Tarts and McMuffins will not help you on a diet, but for less than two dollars, you can get a side of eggs and bacon at a fast food place, if you so desire.

4.  Don’t overguessestimate your portions, grazing or calories.  An example is salad dressing or like in my case–the nuts.  You have to count carbs.

5.  Don’t binge on weekends and think you can make up for it all week long.  You will be setting yourself up for failure.

6.  Don’t overeat after a workout.  Drink water and eat a normally counted meal or a small protein like a stick of lite string cheese, a piece of chicken, etc..

7.  Don’t eat late at night.  And if you need a protein snack fine, but watch the carbs.  A Lindora.com hot chocoate is good!

8.  You must care and find time to work out.  Period.  Schedule it like you schedule your work.  I do elliptical minimally 3 days a week and minimally, half an hour.  I do my IPAD at the same time.  You can find a way to make it work.  I schedule my pilates and yoga as part of my week schedule.  You have to care about it as much as a pedicure or MORE!

9.  Watch the liquor.  Lots of carbs.  If you have to have a drink, a mixed drink with vodka or gin, one, small one.  Not often.  Fruit drinks, wine and beer=carbs.

10.  Starting and stopping diets with excuses.  But, it is a wedding, but it is Saturday, but but but.  No yo-yo dieting.  And don’t do crazy HCG diets and stuff.  Just stick to a good routine and exercise.


3 thoughts on “10 Things You Might Be Doing to Yourself to Sabotage Your Diet Lifestyle

  1. I was eating too many nuts (shelled pistachios) as well! They are so addictive! I started craving them so I knew that I was in trouble. I don’t have them anymore. Now my problem is air-popped popcorn! I started making it for my husband and I to have while watching NBA… I actually successfully gave it up for Lent… and am now back to having it again. I see that it has become addictive, too! The rest of my eating is responsible and controlled. Popcorn is now a problem!

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    • Hi Sharron, thanks for taking the time to write. I have stopped all nuts for now and only get nuts in my protein bars. If/when I return, I will have to measure and put in bags and only allow myself one of those bags a day. You have to measure and prepare.

      Now, as far as my opinion of popcorn. I haven’t had popcorn in years and I loved popcorn. It is the same as chips. If you put out popcorn for mindless TV eating, you will just gorge on it. The best thing to do for TV viewing is cut up veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, etc) and a hummus dip. You get full on veggies fast and you won’t eat as much as you would think. You could also do celery and peanut butter on them, but only put out a counted out amount.

      Popcorn is 6g of carbs per cup. That is not a lot of popcorn really. So, by the time you are done eating it, you are eating a lot of carbs.

      But, here is my biggest issue with popcorn. It is made from corn. There are three products that are horribly modified by Monsanto–corn, cotton and soybeans. I don’t eat soybeans and I don’t eat corn anymore–ever. If you like poisoning yourself with corn, the same corn that other countries will NOT buy from the United States because the effects of our corn on our bodies is similar to DDT, then you can eat it. But, I have had enough health issues to stay far away, no matter how good it tastes. Think of it like anti-freeze for dogs. Tastes sweet to them, but it will kill them.

      Here is a link by Dr. Mercola about corn products. I hope you will choose to stay away from it because you don’t realize that you are poisoning yourself and your husband with it. And stick with vegetables or have a measured out amount of Smart Carb Ice Cream…or you can Google Jorge Cruise’s 2 minute no sugar chocolate cake and have some of that.

      Try to learn not to associate food with the game. You have conditioned yourselves to eat with football. Learn a new way. Keep your fingers busy with sewing or play on your IPAD like I do. Eat before the game and then you won’t be hungry. Snack on protein before the game. But, please, stay away from the poison–I mean the popcorn.

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