Pancakes That Will Keep You Skinny

After two years of dodging illness, I caught a cold.  Today I am starting to feel better.  I still ate well, but I felt like I needed pancakes.  Did I go off the diet?  NO!

I ate my pancakes.  They are so good.  I have tried a lot of different low-carb syrups and STILL my favorites are Maple Farms Sugar Free Pancake Syrup (gluten-free and Splenda-sweetened) and Cary’s.  Both are about 12g of carbs per quarter cup of syrup vs. 50g per two tablespoons of regular sugared maple syrup.

But, while investigating for this blog, I discovered that Maple Farms makes a pancake and waffle mix that is only 8g of carb per 1/4 mix (more for the Lindora version).  So, I am going to order it and try it and report back.  If it is as delicious as the Lindora version, I am happy.  It will be cheaper too and still loaded with protein at 11g per 1/4 cup!

The site where you can buy these things if you can’t find it at a store and where I will buy my mix (Ralph’s market had the syrups):

And I found packets that you can bring with you to restaurants for syrup:



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