Plateau Diet Weekend

Since my thyroid issues, I need to drop a couple of pounds.  Despite exercise and eating well, when your thyroid is out of whack, so is your weight.  (Some of you might need it after Valentine’s Day!)


Today/Tomorrow Plateau Menu:

Morning:  Egg, spinach, 1/2 grapefruit

Snack:  Liquid protein drink

Lunch: Salad with fish (tuna for me) and 1/2 grapefruit

Snack:  Liquid protein

Dinner:  Salad and fish or chicken and 1/2 grapefruit

Snack:  Liquid protein

By the end of the two or three days (depends on how the scale looks), I could lose about 2-3 pounds. This plateau breaker works…done it before. Every diet hits a plateau.  It is temporary and you just make the best fo it.

Drink lots of water, take potassium and take a multi vitamin supplement.

If you can exercise, that is a bonus!



Eat Better Chocolate Choices for Valentine’s Day!

I haven’t blogged in a week. That is an eternity for me. The reason is because I have been readjusting my newer thyroid medication and I have been feeling nauseous and jittery.  I am starting to feel better today.  I am still the same weight and want to get down a few pounds.  I have cranked up the exercise and I am watching my food, but now that my thyroid is working properly again, it will begin to get easier.  I already feel it.

I had to write because tomorrow is Valentine’s Day.  It is usually a day for flowers and chocolate.  Let’s talk about chocolate.

Some chocolate products are more high in carbs and sugar, than others.  You can have chocolate, but you have to be careful in your choices.

I prefer trying to stick to protein bars with chocolate, because protein is essential to keep your weight down by filling you up and keeping you from feeling hungry.

My choices of protein bars (and some have fiber, which helps reduce the carb count to net carbs):


Power Crunch (I get mine cheap at, but they are at Smart and Final and Trader Joes)

Nature Valley PROTEIN Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Bar (but has GMOs: see them at Target))

Kind bars (some–check carbs, some are too high)

and one that is delish, but not high in protein, but very low net carbs and is available at some markets and online is the Amberlyn BELGIUM chocolate bars, which is no sugar (for diabetics), but so tasty, even my chocolate connoisseur friend, Anne–she LOVES it.  I found them in  roadshow at Costco and I am hooked.  Some low or no sugar chocolate tastes weird or chalky….not this one!

Give those you love some chocolate, but make sure it is not going to ruin their diet.  They can have their chocolate, and eat it too (but check portion sizes and carb counts).