Holiday Low-Carb Drinks (BOOZE!) That Taste Great


Holiday Drinks




Alcohol, by nature, isn’t particularly low-carb. Yet if you want to indulge at the holidays, choose from one of these lower-carb options.


Low-Carb Sangria: Enjoy this refreshing drink using the traditional ingredients, or add some mulling spices to make it more seasonal. 


Low-Carb Eggnog: For some people, it just wouldn’t be the holidays without eggnog. Luckily, there’s a great low-carb recipe to be found here.


Irish Coffee:  Enjoy this rich drink without worrying about the carbs when you use this recipe.


Sugar-Free White Russian:   Learn how to make a White Russian that’s South Beach-appropriate with this recipe.


Low-Carb Vodka Collins:  This twist on a classic will help you celebrate the holidays without all the carbs.


Low-Carb Cosmo:  This popular and seasonally appropriate drink gets a makeover using this recipe that cuts out some of the carbs.


Rum and Diet Soda:  There is no way to cut all the carbs from alcohol, but this drink is about as close as you can get.


Bloody Mary:  Try out this alternative recipe for a spicy classic this holiday season.




A Taste Of Fall in Your Coffee

My sister-in-law recommends International Delights Sugar Free Creamer in Pumpkin Pie Spice
(in the refrigerator section) – “you just need a splash to have a taste of Fall !”

1 Tablespoon 20 cals, 2 g fat and 1 carb

You have to get the sugar-free one – the regular has 6 carbs per tablespoon!!

They also have a sugar free version in Coffee Mate,bench she tasted and it was far too spicy for her. She said that this one is much smoother than than Coffee Mate.


Thanks, Denise!

Where to buy it: where to buy it

Be careful when buying flavored creamers. Look at labels. Most are laden in sugar and carbs and you could be putting on weight with flavored drinks. There are sugar-free versions with little to no sugar and carbs.

Sonic Juice Carb Boom

So, today, I mentioned to a friend that her not having a Sonic Fast Food joint in her neighborhood is maybe a blessing in disguise.  She was lamenting that there is one where she visits, and she likes to one near her home so she can go there for their fruit slush.  I looked it up online.  It is shocking!  As many people believe it to be true, she thinks that “juice” is a better choice to the fast food.  But, as I discussed in yesterday’s blog, it isn’t.



Look at the comparisons:

Sonic Cheeseburger with mayo:  8g of sugar, 35g of protein, 44g of carbs.  Now, I know that if I don ‘t eat the bun, I will lower the sugar content and the carbs.  The carbs without the bun–about 12g. 

Sonic MEDIUM Strawberry “Fresh Fruit” Slush:  76g of sugar,  1g of protein, 82g of carbs.  The only good thing is has going for it is less sodium and calories than the burger.

Sonic LARGE Strawberry “Fresh Fruit” Slush:  120g of sugar, 1g of protein, 128g of carbs.


If you want to gain weight, you have to eat more than 100g of carbs a day.  Unless you exercised hardcore for a few hours, I wouldn’t recommend this much sugar and carbs.

The sugar content of 120g of sugar is equivalent to 30 sugar cubes.  Would you eat 30 sugar cubes? (There are about 28 cubes in this picture.)





Choice A:  Eat the burger without the bun.

Choice B:  Go to the store and get some fruit and water.

Choice C:  Get a SMALL slush and only drink about half of the small and split it with a friend or spill half of  it out.  Half of a small is about 22g of carbs, about 20g of sugar or 5 sugar cubes.  Not great, but better if you see it as a treat and your fruit for the day, but don’t make a habit of it.  It isn’t really your fruit because the fiber and nutrients are in the pulp and that is not here.  This is really just pure sugar.


Lipstick on a pig

Today, the lady from my seminar thanked me for giving her a protein bar yesterday. She gave me two Starbucks Refreshers. She said they are delicious in water. I immediately looked up the nutritional information online because nothing goes into my mouth without me knowing information first. The Starbucks site was unhelpful. However, I found a site on Google that said that they had no protein, but each packet was 17g carbs. 17???!!! For a flavored water drink? With no protein!? I will not be using these. If I want flavored water, there are plenty of of other decent choices. So, I will continue to drink my coffee, water and Vitarain no carb drink from Costco.