Lipstick on a pig

Today, the lady from my seminar thanked me for giving her a protein bar yesterday. She gave me two Starbucks Refreshers. She said they are delicious in water. I immediately looked up the nutritional information online because nothing goes into my mouth without me knowing information first. The Starbucks site was unhelpful. However, I found a site on Google that said that they had no protein, but each packet was 17g carbs. 17???!!! For a flavored water drink? With no protein!? I will not be using these. If I want flavored water, there are plenty of of other decent choices. So, I will continue to drink my coffee, water and Vitarain no carb drink from Costco.


2 thoughts on “Lipstick on a pig

  1. The carbs and sugar in these are natural sugars from fruit and stevia. They are a green coffee “energy” drink. All natural with no additives and 220% vitamin C in one serving. So while they are a little higher in carbs and sugar, they are a natural source. So not as bad as you might think, a little better than “flavored water.”

  2. Thank you so much for reading my blog and commenting, “Onmywaytohealth.” My response to your response is
    1. My blog is called “skinny-rules”, not Vitamin C or natural sugar rules.

    Skinny-Rules is about getting and staying skinny. If ANYONE drinks 17g of carbs, they are basically giving up a meal for the day.
    To me, 17 carbs equals a Perfect 10 Bagel with cheese, egg and turkey, or a protein bar, or even Lindora’s pancakes and lite syrup. Why would I want to drink it when there are so many other choices or even a bottle of water? No carbs in water! Water is the healthiest thing you can drink!

    If you want to stay thin, you can’t do more than 50 to 100 carbs a day unless you exercise like a mad person, and in my book, 17g of carbs is a lot for a drink! There are less carby ways to get fluid. Drink water, drink Vitarain from Costco, drink a Diet Snapple–geez, even drink a Diet Coke.

    2. There is something very shady going on because Starbucks doesn’t even list the ingredients or information about the contents of this product on their website. There are some great blogs about how this might not be as healthy as you want to believe. (see below)

    Sugar is sugar and no one should have too much sugar–whether it is from fruit or wherever. Sugar will overwork your body and it does put weight on you.

    This product has 14g of sugar in ONE packet. That is the equivalent of about 4 sugar cubes. Do you really think it is a good idea to drink 4 sugar cubes and think of that as a healthy drink? If you want fruit juice, then eat a piece of fruit, don’t drink this stuff, and especially don’t drink it if you want to stay skinny. That is all I am sayin… Thank you for writing and letting me make my point.

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