Portion Control for Weight Control

I wrote a blog about portion sizes and what you should eat if you want to see yourself lose weight.  Here is the link:  https://skinny-rules.com/2012/12/15/portiondistortion/

Here is another clip out for you to use to determine portion control: (I do suggest staying away from the Grains, the baked potatoes and raisins or any dried fruit for a diet)

Watch portion sizes and follow what I wrote in the above blog.  Also, remember to eat a protein portion about every 3-4 hours, have two small portions of veggies and 2 small portions of fruit per day.  Have two cups of salad, twice a day.  Watch your carb count in your salad dressing, as well.  Watch the carbs that you drink and try to keep that down. You should be able to lose weight if you follow these rules.  After a week or so, cravings go away.  I promise!


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