Portion Control Is Key For Losing Weight and Keeping it OFF!

You can’t just diet and lose weight. The larger the portion, the more calories for your body to burn off. Here are some suggestions that can help you better portion your food.

1: Use visual aids for common food serving sizes (example)

  • Meat, fish, or poultry = 3 ounces = deck of cards / iPhone (lowest in carbs)
  • Pasta, rice, potatoes = one cup = baseball (keep in mind that these are HIGH in carbs)
  • potato, yam = one unit = computer mouse (again, HIGH in carbs)
  • Nuts = 1/4 cup = golf ball (watch the carbs!)
  • Salad dressing or olive oil = 2 Tbsp = shot glass
  • Peanut butter = 2 Tbsp = shot glass (about 8g of carbs)
  • Ice cream = half cup = half baseball (high in sugar)
  • Cheese = 2 ounces = 2 fingers (stick with low carb)
  • handproteincardsproteinpasta_serving2serving

2: Read the serving size information on the Nutrition Facts on the package

Processed foods have a nutrition facts label and the first thing it shows is the serving size.  All the calorie and nutrient information that follows is calculated per serving. But sometimes the serving size is tiny compared to what people really eat.

For example, cereals usually list the serving as half a cup (one ounce). Even KIDS eat more than that. Read this carefully!


3: Understand how many servings are in a package
As a follow on to the previous tip, it’s important to know how many servings are in a package.

A small bag of Doritos has about 2.5 servings! (That means two and a half times the calories you were expecting)

A bottle Naked Juice or POM actually has TWO servings of liquid. A serving of juice (or soda, or water) is 1 cup (8 fluid ounces), but these bottles usually provide you with double that amount, 16 ounces. (Share with a friend, or better yet, drink water!)

4: When eating out, ask for the small or kids sized portions

Restaurant and fast food meals have massively increased in the last 30 years.

A 280 calorie Caesar salad in 1985 is now over 700 calories! (The kid’s meals are actually the size of what was an adult meal 30 years ago!)


5: Never eat out of the bag or box

If you bought a family size bag of pretzels, or a gallon tub of ice cream, the worst possible thing to do is eat straight out of the package and especially in front of the TV or computer–or at your desk. It will cause mindless eating!

6: Put ONE SERVING ONLY on your plate in the kitchen and eat in the dining room and USE SMALLER PLATES!

The easiest way to overeat is having the serving dishes on the dining table within arm’s reach. Plate your food in the kitchen then serve it at the table. Don’t eat all over the house, as well.

The plates have increased in size over the years.  If you use a smaller plate for your food, it will feel like you are eating more when you fill it.  Use smaller plates.


7: Fresh fruits and veggies, eat more of them than the protein and carbs

Put fruit and mostly veggies on half of your plate. The fiber in produce will help you feel full and less hungry.


I Figured Out Why I Have Been 7 Pounds Away From Goal!


Look, I had blood tests and they came out good.  Because of eating according to the rules, I have low sugar levels (no diabetes risk), by cholesterol levels are fantastic.  I get more than enough iron and since I take a mineral supplement daily, all is well!

I eat really well.  I eat six protein based meals, every 3-4 hours.  I have four small portions of veggies a day, two small portions of fruits per day (and I stick to lower carb fruits like berries and citrus) and two measured out salad portions a day (about a cup of lettuce).  I am very good about this.

I avoid grains, sugar desserts, rice and even most beans.

I count carbs (between 50g and 100g per day).

I exercise about 10 hours per week.

I lost all of my weight and then after having to go on steroids for itching last January, I put a few pounds back on and I keep fluctuating between being 7-9 pounds more than I want to be (goal).  I look thin, but I want the cushion of not being at the far end of acceptable.

So, I was looking at ready-made portions at Lindora today.  I realized that my protein portions have creeped up over time.  I have been mostly eyeballing my protein and I haven’t been measuring every meal as much as I used to do it.

So, crash course for me and you on portion control: 

Meat is about 4 ounces.  3 ounces for beef.  Last night I ate a lean burger (without a bun, as usual).  But, it was TOO much burger.  It was 1/3 a pound.  That is about 5 1/2 ounces.  I should have eaten half of it and brought the other half home.  I am going to be more cognizant of this.  What happens when you do a diet long enough (a way of life), is that your eyes get big and you forget how small the portion has to be in order to stay thin.  This happens, especially if you eat out.  The portions are outrageous.  I could have had half of the beef and half of the egg in the salad and just eaten the other half today.


I have to eat less, more often!  6 times a day, 4 ounces, broken up!


You have to remember this!


Meat1-300x240  meat_serving

I am not fat like I was, but I don’t want to go back to fat either.  I am nipping this in the bud before it is too late.  I am sharing this with everyone because this is reality–this happens when you work on maintenance after a diet.

I have seen people who are hungry and overeat and don’t realize that they are eating the portion for two to three LARGER people.  Ordering a POUND burger AND fries–outrageous.  A 50-year-old man, not that active and not that tall–eating that much–it is just asking for medical problems.

Ordering a burger and a bag of fries, just for one person (especially an inactive female) –is fat waiting to happen. These people are all eating about 75g of carbs or more in one sitting.  But, I have to be aware that even if I eat meat, veggies and salad–if I overdo portion size, I might be having too many calories and messing up my own weight loss ability.

So, wish me luck on getting back to portion measuring and control.

Portion Control for Weight Control

I wrote a blog about portion sizes and what you should eat if you want to see yourself lose weight.  Here is the link:  https://skinny-rules.com/2012/12/15/portiondistortion/

Here is another clip out for you to use to determine portion control: (I do suggest staying away from the Grains, the baked potatoes and raisins or any dried fruit for a diet)

Watch portion sizes and follow what I wrote in the above blog.  Also, remember to eat a protein portion about every 3-4 hours, have two small portions of veggies and 2 small portions of fruit per day.  Have two cups of salad, twice a day.  Watch your carb count in your salad dressing, as well.  Watch the carbs that you drink and try to keep that down. You should be able to lose weight if you follow these rules.  After a week or so, cravings go away.  I promise!


10 Tricks To Keep Losing Weight

1.  Portion Control:  You have to weigh and measure your food.  You can find visual aids to help you along until you get used to size.  But, if you are supposed to eat 4 ounces of meat per protein meal out of 6 meals a day, and you are eating more or even less than that…you will be messing up your diet.  So, get a scale and learn.  Use measuring cups and use visual aids, if needed.

2.  Learn about size through visual aids:  Here is a website to show you the portions compared to everyday items. http://www.foodnetwork.com/healthy-eating/tips-for-portion-control/pictures/index.html

chicken3.  Read Food Nutrition Labels:  The labels tell the story.  It will tell you the AMOUNT of portions in your bottle or container and how many carbs and proteins are in them.  Go for higher protein and lower carbs.  Remember that between 50 and 100g of carbs a day are better for a diet.  And 1g of protein isn’t even worth eating or drinking the item.

4.  Look at the nutritional Information of the Food at Restaurants:  Same goes here for knowing what you are eating per PORTION.

5.  Trick Your Eyes:  Use Smaller Plates:  You will feel that you are eating more if you use smaller plates for your measured PORTIONED food.

6.  Avoid Buffets:  It is too easy to go back for seconds, thirds, etc. and it is hard to say no to all of those carby, sweet things.

7.  Doggy Bag It:  I always break my food down when I am out…and I put the portion that is beyond my eating portion in a doggy bag and put it aside.  Less likely to keep eating and ruin my diet.

8.  Don’t Supersize Food:  Saving money?  Not losing weight.  It isn’t worth it.

9.  Write Meals Down:  Keeping track of what you eat helps you keep your carb intake and food intake under control.

10.  Watch What You Drink:  If you drink, do not use sugar and don’t drink juice, laden in sugar and carbs.  Drink water, coffee, tea or flavored water with sugar substitute.  And watch alcohol.  Lots of carbs and sugar.  The least offensive–vodka or gin, but there are still carbs and the alcohol will take up a lot of energy processing in your body and you will not burn as many calories that day.  It really is not worth it.





Mother’s Day and FOOD choices

Tomorrow is the biggest day of the year for restaurants.  Mother’s Day.  Everyone takes mom out to eat or has something at home.  It can be disturbing to a diet, if you allow it.


Remember that you can eat, but you should stick to portion control and carb control.  If you do more carbs at that one meal, keep a count of them and work it out to have less throughout the day.  Keep in mind the amount between 50-100.    You can have a great omelette, but try to steer clear of buffets or eating all of the buffet food.

  • Stick to eggs, bacon, sausage and try to avoid the bread, potatoes, pancakes and waffles.  Have a bite, but you do not need to eat a whole piece.
  • Ask for replacement items like sugar-free syrups, non-dairy creamer for coffee instead of milk and Splenda for sugar.
  • Have fruit and/or grilled tomatoes instead of bread or potatoes.

So, what if someone bought a cake and you feel you must have some.  Get a sliver and only eat a piece of it or half of it.  Don’t ruin your diet to make other people happy.  Your gaining weight isn’t going to make or break someone else, but it will upset you.  You could also bring your own desert, like Splenda chocolate pudding or low-carb ice cream that you buy or prepare the day before you go.  You just let your host know in advance or when you get there that you are on a special eating plan and that this is your desert.  No one has to know it is a diet.  I have said things like, “I have to eat gluten-free now” or “I am not allowed sugar for now.”  Telling people that a doctor ordered you to do something or that you are allergic to something usually shuts them up from their usual sabotage tactics to get you to be bad about choices like they are doing.

Eat, but pick and choose and don’t be greedy.  You are working to be low-carb and those high carb and sugar items will only make you feel worse later.

Remember:  Nothing tastes as good as being skinny feels!  Don’t use holidays to blow that!

Oh, and have a Happy Mother’s Day.  It is about the company and not the food!  Keep reminding yourself about that.


Can a Plate Help You Lose Weight or Stay Skinny?

You can gain weight eating healthy foods!  Why is that?  Because if you look at our mothers or grandmothers, their average calorific content a day was about 1800 calories a day on average.  Today, woman are eating about 2200 calories a day.  Since the 1950s, portion sizes have increased for women and men.

plate sizes

Portion size is key to staying slim.

Six things you can do to eat the right portion size.

1.  Don’t use the regular sized meal plates.  If you use a smaller one or use older ones from an antique store, you will fill your plates and subconsciously think that it is a lot because your (smaller) plate is full.


2.  Use a plate that doesn’t match the color of your food.  You are more likely to eat less asparagus (for example) on a white plate vs. a green plate.

3.  Don’t go to buffets.  Very dangerous and filling up those large plates again and again is going to make you gain weight.


4.  When you fill your plate, the right way to do it for your diet, your body and your health and nutrients is to fill half of the plate up with vegetables, then the other half is divided into two parts–one part starchy vegetable and one part meat.  And you can foresake the starchy vegetable because most of us get enough carbs in other foods, so just get more vegetables.


5.  Don’t fill your plate with pasta or rice.  If you must have those things (hopefully, not often), use the whole-wheat version (not white) and put it in the quarter where your starchy vegetable would go.  But, a whole plate of pasta is not the right portion size and this is why you are having weight issues.

6.  Eat slowly and chew well.  Give your body time to get the signal to your brain that you are full.

Try these ideas and see how well it works for you!

Portion Distortion

How to Estimate Portion Sizes for a Low-Carb Diet


A low-carb diet relies on knowing portion sizes to help you eat the proper quantities of the proper foods.  Some people eat healthy food, but do not watch their portion size  and then wonder why they aren’t losing weight.  To determine the number of low-carb servings you’re eating, you need to estimate portion sizes. You may be surprised to see that normal portion sizes are a lot smaller than you think, as the comparisons in the following table show:

Measurement Size
1/2 cup About the size of a cupcake wrapper
1 cup About the size of a tight fist or a tennis ball
1 medium fruit About the size of a tight fist or tennis ball
1 medium potato About the size of a computer mouse
1 ounce cheese About the size of your thumb or a pair of dice
3 ounces meat About the size of the palm of a woman’s hand or a deck of cards
2 tablespoons reduced-fat salad dressing About the size of a Ping-Pong ball
1 teaspoon oil or butter About the size of the tip of a thumb


Remember:  6 proteins a day, spaced out 3-4 hours.  Two veggies (approx 1 cup each)  a day, two fruits (1/2 cup each) a day, 2 cups of lettuce at lunch and 2 cups at dinner.  I have a salad with veggies and protein for lunch and dinner and it fills me and it kills a lot of birds with one stone.