It is all Greek to me, and you!

I was shopping at Costco, thinking about getting some yogurt.  Some people eat yogurt every day and they don’t realize that most brands of yogurt are high in sugar, have some protein, but are high in carbs.  Yoplait regular yogurt with no fat has 17 g carbs and 5 protein. The original Yoplait has 33 g carbs.

(that is a lot if you don’t want more than 50 to 100 g carbs in a day to lose weight.

I noticed one named, Oikos Greek Yogurt, at Costco.  Some of this brand has  low carbs and some have high carbs.  Don’t let the no fat or lite fat fool you.  The carbs will mess up your diet.

The Greek Yogurts are usually lighter in carbs.  I wound up deciding on   (Dannon Lite & Fit Greek) Serving Size: 1 container, Calories: 80, Fat: 0g, Carbs: 8g, Protein: 12.  It had fruit at the bottom, it was low carb and high protein.  And it was SUPER delicious.  I completely recommend it for those who think that they might not like Greek Yogurt.  I am eating them daily now for my snack.  They are good for bringing with you to work or outings.  Another snack idea for low carbs, high protein.  Remember 6 meals a day and three of them can be things like this!  Kind of like a dessert and protein all in one!

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