October 7, will be my one year anniversary of starting with low carbs.  I am sharing a picture that I took before I started the journey and a picture that I took today.  (Those are my yoga pants, so no jokes about the groin fit!)

While on this diet, I added in walking (elliptical) 2 times a week min., 30-60 min. and pilates 2 times a week and yoga 1 time a week……but you can do any form of exercise, even at home.  Just move, even just  minutes!

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3 thoughts on “Reveal

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Denise. I really appreciate it. I didn’t tell you, but you look great. You look good and you look like you feel better too from last year. Keep up the excellent work! It is a daily work in progress for everyone who can’t eat like John can! GRR. 🙂

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