Cooking Veggies

If you want to eat in a balanced way, you need to eat four small servings of vegetables in a day. If you stay away from the starches like potatoes, corn, peas and stick with the less carby vegetables, the better for your diet. Things like asparagus, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, etc.  Carrots are a starch, so keep them at a minimum.  If they grow underground, then they are a starch.  There are so many great veggie choices, you should not feel too frustrated.

There are fast ways to cook veggies and I have a sheet which has cooking times.  But, veggies can be boring and sometimes you won’t want to eat them because they are boring.  So, spice them up!  Especially for the kids or the husband who hates them.  One way my husband likes to cook broccoli or asparagus is to spray them with olive oil, put them in tin foil and BBQ them for a few minutes.  If you don’t have a BBQ, then put them in your broiler and do it that way.  They are crispier and tastier that way.  Also, you can sprinkle them with your favorite cheese product, which is low or has NO carbs.  You can use seasoning too.  Don’t just steam them.  Maybe you like them that way, but if the rest of your family is bored by that, then it isn’t just about you!  So, help everyone out and make them tastier.  Heck, even a little marinara sauce might help!


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