Chipotle Diet Plan

My husband told me he is on a mission to lose some weight and buff up!  All right, he has come to the right person!

So, we went to Chipotle and I told him to order differently.  He usually gets a bowl, because he thinks it is healthier than the burrito (the tortilla is about 41g of carbs).  However,even the rice/bean bowl is fattening too–based on what you put in it.

Chipotle is great in that it is organic, fresh and they have a nutritional menu builder, where you can pile on things and watch the calories or carbs grow.


So, if he were to have a bowl with chicken, salsa, cheese and beans and rice, that is 53g of carbs, which in my book–is a lot of carbs!  The rice is about 20 plus grams of carbs, and the beans are about the same too.  If you add corn to that, it is another 15g of carbs–making this full bowl about 68g of carbs.  If you are only supposed to have between 50g to 100g of carbs per day to lose/maintain weight–then that is a lot of your count in ONE meal.

chipotle bowlMY WAY:

So, he tried the way I eat at Chipotle.  I had the chicken salad bowl.  Only has lettuce, meat (chicken), a little dressing, sour cream, cheese, salsa–all at 7g of carbs.  


He ate it and guess what?  HE LOVED IT!  He said, “Why didn’t you tell me that it was this good?”  He loves it because the lettuce is so fresh and everything tastes so good.  Also, their dressing is zingy!  So, now, that is all he will eat there.  (I did tell him, he just chose not to hear me)

Guacamole is extra, and it is an extra 8g of carbs, but with the fiber in it, net carbs is only about 2g and it is a healthy fat.  So, don’t worry about guacamole, but consider it your one of two fruits for the day.

So, try it this way and save yourself over 50g of carbs and still enjoy your meal!  And skip the chips at 70g of carbs per bag!

The Best of Fast Food: Chipotle

So, I finally went to Chipotle.  I have to admit that I was scared to go because I heard about the size of their burritos and my husband always gets his food in a bowl smothered in rice and beans.  So, I heard it was made with your choice of food items, so I went.  So glad I did.

I had a salad and I got to choose the ingredients.  I had no rice or beans because the carb count on those items is astronomical.   Please, look at the size of a measuring cup.  It isn’t that big.  So, if you get minimally, a cup of rice in your bowl, brown or white–the carb count is 44g.  REMEMBER, DIETS should have between 50 and 100 grams of carbs per day.  44g in one meal is too much!  And now for the beans.   One cup of beans (net grams due to so much fiber in it, assisting the body) is 23 g for black beans and 26g for pinto beans.  If you do both rice and beans–70g of carbs is a lot!  So, taking that out of the meal can be a real diet enhancer.

WIth the salad, meat, cheese, dollop of sour cream, dressing and salsa, my delicious salad should have been less then 10g of carbs in total.  That is AWESOME for a meal.  Granted, I am supposed to have two servings of veggies, but the tomato in the salsa was qualifying for that.  You could get guacamole, a cup of it in net carbs is about 5 grams.

Here is the picture of my salad at Chipotle.  I will be going back.  Everything is organic, without hormones in the meat and fresh.  You order what you want and it was all for less than $7.  They also have Coke Zero!