Once You Achieve Weight Loss Success, You Can Have A Cheat!

I have been so good.  I have not had any cake, cupcakes, etc. for two years.  Everything I have had that is chocolate related or sugar related, has been low-carb and controlled.

The renown Sprinkles cupcakes have come to my area and on my bucket list was to try their well-known cupcakes.  So, today, as a treat for weight stabilization, I went there with my husband and we bought one “black and white” (chocolate cake with white frosting).  It was ridiculously good, but I am so glad I split it with him.  It is 62g of carbs for an entire cupcake.  I ate about 30g of carbs.  I felt stoned.  My eyes glazed over and I was all shaky and hyper feeling.  I knew I would crash and it has been about 3 hours and I am really tired.  The sugar roller coaster sucks, which is why I have gone white flour and sugar-free for so long.  No wonder America is in such a mess eating this stuff every day.

Here is what it looked like:


So, I got it out of my system and now I have to work out to help burn those carbs out and I am eating few carbs today to make up for the higher carb desert.

My point is that I haven’t done this in a long time and I don’t recommend it until you have hit a point in your eating style that it will not throw you off of the wagon.  I have eaten well so long now, I have no trouble getting back to my fruits, veggies, proteins and salads.  The danger of doing this early on in your diet, is you might feel guilty and it could send you in a downward spiral of cheating.  I know that I can do it, I did it!  SO, I had my cheat and now–back to my normally scheduled program.

My recommendations for you!

You should set a goal.  That you will lose a certain amount of weight and then you can get your treat.  Maybe you need the motivation!

In the meantime, I am perfectly happy with my low-carb cookies from Lindora, Netrition.com and Carbessentials.net.  I also like Breyers Carb Smart ice cream and Dreyers no sugar added ice cream.  Those don’t leave me with feeling overly sugared and then exhausted from the sugar low later.



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