I Found Delish Protein Bars

Look, they are 21g of protein, and are delish.  21g of carbs, but 17g of fiber.  That means it is 4g net carbs!!  And no sugar alcohols–good news for anyone with metabolic syndrome or diabetes.


So far, I have eaten the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough one and it does taste like cookie dough. I love (and miss raw cookie dough, but it is fattening and dangerous with the raw egg in it). But, this is the closest thing and it is a lot of fiber, making the net carbs low.


The Brownie version is very similar with 5g of net carbs.  Only 1g of sugar!  This is insane, but wonderful!

Quest Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar Close

The info on the Quest Chocolate Cookie Dough bar:

Calories from Fat   70.00
Saturated Fat   3.00 g   15%
Trans Fat    0.00 g
Cholesterol    5.00 mg   2%
Sodium    310.00 mg   13%
Dietary Fiber   17.00 g   68%
Protein    21.00 g   42%
Calories    190.00
Total Fat    8.00 g   12%
Sugars    1.00 g
Erythritol    1.00 g
Potassium    125.00 mg   4%
Total Carbohydrates    21.00 g

You might consider them a bit pricey.  Over $26 for a box of 12 at GNC (a little over $2 a bar), $25 at Smart and Final.  The prices are similar at Vitacost.com, but there are more flavors to choose from, including fruit flavors and Peanut Butter.

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