Weight Loss Can Affect a Relationship

When I finally joined a medically supervised weight loss plan and learned how to eat better and how to lose weight, it was great that my spouse was right on board and he wanted to do it or help me through it.  He went along with the change of eating, food and even places to go to eat. We also started to work out more.

He was supportive.  This is key.  

A study was done on weight loss and the correlation with relationships, and it was found that a partner’s weight loss did not always generate a positive response in relationships.  Some were positive responses, but they also found that:

  • The partner who lost weight was found to insist his or her significant other to follow a new healthy lifestyle, causing a rift in the relationship. Non-weight-loss partners who were not supportive of their other half shedding the pounds felt threatened and insecure. As a result, they made critical comments, were less interested in sex, or tried to sabotage their partner with unhealthy food to derail their efforts as a means to prevent the partner and relationship from changing.

This study found that one partner’s lifestyle change influenced the dynamic of couples’ interaction in a variety of positive or negative ways, tipping the scale of romantic relationships, up or down. http://www.medicaldaily.com/losing-weight-may-be-bad-relationships-partners-have-less-sex-sabotage-diets-and-feel-insecure

Here is the issue.  Some people are insecure and if their partner is able to follow the rules and lose weight and the other one either needs to lose too, but doesn’t have the willpower or they are worried that the weight-loss spouse now looks so good that they will no longer want to be with their partner–then those are the reasons that partners will sabotage your diet.

You have to love yourself and your health.  If you are in a relationship with someone non-supportive, there are a few things you can try to do.

1.  You can still do things with them and go the same places with them, but you must be able to say no to tempting foods, no matter what.

2.  You can explain to your partner that you understand that they have fears, but you feel better and you still love them no matter what.

3.  You can start to cook things in the house that taste good and are low-carb and support your partner in some weight loss for themselves.

4.  You can start getting out to walk with them and tell them that it is your quality talking time together that means a lot to you.

5.  You can explain to your partner that you love them and you want them to stay healthy and live longer.

6.  You can invite your partner with you to the doctor or center to see what you are doing and let them see that it isn’t so bad and how key their support is for you to be successful.

However, if nothing works, then you might be in an unhealthy relationship.  I would suggest counseling, and at the minimum, for you to get through what you need to do to stay focused on your new lifestyle.

lifestyleYou might also realize that perhaps your relationship has been unhealthy and has led you to put the weight on in the first place.  This could be a revelation for you.  Something to keep in mind.  But, remember, this is your body and no matter who tries to interfere with your diet or exercise plan, you are the one who has to feel fat or have trouble buying or wearing clothes.  You are the one to have to deal with medical complications.  You have to take care of yourself because no one else will.  Show some self-love!

Not my favorite guy, but his phrase is spot on:



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