Stuck Weight Loss

Looks like a miracle happened.  My dog, Charlie, is doing better, his cytology test came back clean–no cancer.  So, it might have been a bug bite.  Makes me appreciate him even more because I feel like I got a second chance.

Now, back to business…..

While all of the worry and stress about his living or not was going on, I decided to do something about my weight plateau.  My body does not do well on carbs and wants to gain weight easily (with having fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism).  So, I had to get closer to 50g of carbs per day because closer to 100g per day, was putting the weight SLOWLY back on.  So, this is what I did to break it and so far, since Sunday, down 2 1/2 pounds.  I am 5 pounds from goal.

1.  Lots of sugar-free fluids.

2.  Only proteins at breakfast and for snacks.  I was having eggs and omelettes with mushrooms, spinach and some low-fat cheese.  I was also having protein shakes that were low carb.  So, basically for breakfast, snack, after lunch snack–hardly any carbs.  For lunch, salad with meat and a few veggies and same for dinner.  I would allow myself to have either two tablespoons of almond butter on two squares of low-carb chocolate or a small Carbolite (low-carb frozen desert)  a few hours after dinner.

3.  I made a lot of things that are protein-based to keep me happy.  I cooked taco seasoned ground turkey, turkey sausages, almond crusted chicken

4  One piece of fruit or small bowl of berries.

5.  Thank God for coffee (remember to use non-dairy creamer instead of milk).

6.  Don’t forget  take vitamins including minerals, especially potassium and Omega 3 fish tabs.

7.  Exercise.  Pilates, elliptical, walking the dog–what ever it takes!


8.  Sacrifices on the more carby protein things until you break your plateau.


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