Power Crunch Choklat is Da Low Carb Bomb

I got both Power Crunch Choklat bars in the mail.  The dark chocolate and the milk chocolate.  I have had the opportunity to sample both.  The milk chocolate is good and tastes like a good Nestle Crunch bar, only it has 5 grams of protein, 8g of carbs (7g net).  But, the dark chocolate is soooo good.  I love dark chocolate and this is a dark chocolate version of a nestle crunch bar.  Even my husband likes it.  It is worth getting and eating.  I like it even better than the regular crunch bar.

I got mine for the best price on Vitacost.com.  If you find a better price, write me.

Who said you have to suffer eating low carb?




3 thoughts on “Power Crunch Choklat is Da Low Carb Bomb

    • Thanks for the question, Amy. I just wrote a blog based on your question and published it today, Friday, April 26. Quick reply: It varies day to day and yesterday it was 145g of carbs, but it can be a lot lower. Read the blog on the right amount per person. Thanks for the great idea on a blog!

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