The Rules Work! 10 Rules to Follow and you Can Still Enjoy Life

I joined a couple of chat rooms about being skinny and/or dieting.  It is so upsetting to see so many people struggling with their weight and looking for a miracle or advice that will work.  Some are ordering fiber that fills them up, or other magic pills.  You know, I tried a few myself.  I tried the Raspberry Ketones and it didn’t work.  I tried some carb blockers–saw nothing.  Even if something helps a little, it will not keep it off.  You have to do the work.  There is no cheating.

I think that the biggest issue is that you feel like you will feel deprived.  I have had people tell me that they don’t want to start a diet until after their birthday, or a vacation, or a wedding, or whatever.  They want to eat cake, etc.  That is silly.  Regardless of what event comes up, there will ALWAYS be events that come up.  If you are going to indulge, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still follow dieting or lifestyle change rules and just work it into your week.  Even Weight Watchers has let you save up points for special treats.


So, here are 10 Rules to follow and still enjoy life.  

1.  You need to be ok with the idea of cutting bread, cereal, rice and potatoes either out of your life like me, or cut down to only one or two portions a week of one of these items.  Just remember, these items are high on the carbs and even the glycemic index.  They are not necessary in your diet and the value of what they give you nutritionally pales in comparison to proteins, fruits and vegetables.  Need fiber?  Take some in a drink or eat your crunchy vegetables (cauliflower, broccoli, etc).

2.  Learn how to find substitutes for the things that you like.  I like pancakes once in a while, so I get low-carb baking mix.  Last couple of blogs I explained this.  There are substitutes for pizza crust like cauliflower or with wheat in it–Flat Out bread–lower carbs.

3.  Prepare more.  So many people are in my opinion, not in the habit of doing it or are just really lazy and don’t prepare the night before–what they will eat.  I always have protein bars, drinks, mixes from, hard-boiled eggs done from Costco, low-fat string cheese, and low-carb Dannon Greek Lite and Fit yogurt.  If I have to run out the door, I will grab as many things as I think I will need based on the amount of hours I will be gone.  I bring an egg for my breakfast and something for 3 to 4 hours later.  If I think I will be gone longer, then I bring cheese, yogurt, or a low-carb protein bar with me–sometimes two, if I am unsure about time.  They don’t go bad out of the refrigerator.

4.  I know people who are not well, they sleep in and then run out the door and do not have food with them and didn’t think to grab any prepared item, so they need to know where to go to get a fast protein meal (you need 6 small protein meals a day).  Fast food places will sell you sides–eggs, bacon, etc.  Get those and they are cheap.  A side of eggs and bacon at Jack in the Box is actually tasty and under $2.  You can also pick up a quick salad at those places or even a market.  Just make sure it is low-carb and no chinese noodles or croutons–all of the carbs are there!

5.  You will not feel hungry and like you will die if you keep eating protein every 3-4 hours.  You might feel sugar cravings at first (I did for a few weeks and then it gets better, I promise), but if you eat 4 ounces of a meat or have a couple of lite string cheeses, then you feel better again.  You don’t have to have major carbs to feel good, you just think you do.  I also drink coffee with non-dairy creamer in it and I feel better and more full afterwards.

6.  Every time you indulge and eat something very sugary, you will start those high and low cravings all over again because your body will use up the sugar and want more.  It is sugar addiction and it has you hooked.  So, if you really think you need a “hit”, then that is a good time to have one of your small cup sized servings of a fruit (two a day).  Citrus and berries are lowest carbs and others have more–especially bananas.

7.  Exercise.  It helps burn calories and helps with the cravings.  You would be surprised at how well it works.

8.  Take vitamins and minerals daily because sometimes cravings are actually your body’s way of screaming for nutrients.

9.  Drink 60 ounces of water (or flavor it with something non-sugary) a day because dehydration makes you hungry too.

10.  If you go to a special event and want to eat cake, you will have to cut down on the carbs on every meal you are having the whole rest of the day.  If a piece of cake is say, 40g of carbs (look it up online on a nutrition calculator), then you need to have somewhere between 10g and 60g of carbs with the rest of your foods for the day.  YOU SHOULD HAVE 50g to 100g of carbs a day and no more to lose weight)


Be happy, you are going to lose weight!

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