How Do I Carb Thee, Let Me Count The Ways

In order to lose weight, you have to limit your carbohydrate intake to between 50 and 100g of carbs a day. The closer to 50, the faster you lose it. It is best to have good carbs from vegetables and fruits vs. processed foods.

However, sometimes learning about how many carbs are iin each item and portion can be tedious work until you start doing it enough and remembering numbers, like they do in Weight Watchers with points.

So, I found a shortcut. If you want to count carbs, let an online tracker do it for you or an App on your Smartphone or IPad.

This is free online, but they charge a small fee for apps.

Https ://
This Atkins carb counter can be purchased for a small fee for an app on your phone or tablet.

This could add to your success in making sure that you count right and stay on track.

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