Need a Healthy Snack?


I went to Pilates this morning (after downing a hard boiled egg) and I was hungry afterwards. So, besides my coffee, I took out my Carbmaster yogurt. 4 grams of carbs –just enough to get me by until my next protein snack in a couple of hours. The worst thing that you can do on a diet is let yourself get too hungry and then you wind up eating too much of the wrong stuff. So, after a workout it’s good to get some protein with a little bit of carb. I probably would have had eggs, but I am at work and because I prepare, I had yogurt in my fridge. It is just enough to sustain and satisfy.

Remember, if you are on a diet or you just want to maintain your figure, you need to always a certain amount of low carb high protein snacks available to you all the time. I carry sunflower seeds in my purse, in case I get hungry. Always be prepared.

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