Superbowl and Other TV Snacks

I think one of the biggest issues is needing to have snacks to watch TV.  I have had issues with this in the past too.  I wish I had blogged about it for Superbowl Sunday, but I didn’t remember because I don’t watch the Superbowl…but I do watch TV.  So 10 ways that are the best way to deal with snacking.


1. Eat your protein-based meal before your show and you won’t be so hungry.   Lean protein not only curbs hunger, it also allows you to maintain muscle mass and keep your metabolism revved while losing weight. Eating lean protein throughout the day also helps keep blood sugar levels steady, which helps keep cravings in check.

2.  Exercise earlier in the day to decrease  your appetite and burn off what you do eat.  Exercise keeps your metabolism burning for the rest of the day and into the next.

3.  Get the kind of chips for yourself that are pre-packaged, pre-measured, high protein, low carb.  Go to a website like or, or even Lindora for their chips.  Use it as a meal replacement for your sixth meal of the day (not in addition to your six protein meals) or, among other choices on their site.  Anyone can buy.  You don’t have to be a member.  Also, nuts are good, just count out what you want and put only that amount out.

4.  Try any of the protein choices I mentioned in this blog. (rolled up turkey and cheese slices are good!)  Also, try this:  Make low-carb deviled eggs.  YOU CAN EVEN MAKE SOME DELISH GRILLED SEASONED CHICKEN INSTEAD OF FRIED CHICKEN or a delish salad with grilled chicken.  Use your imagination.

5. Drink a lot of sugar-free fluids.  I drink coffee, it is hot, tasty and filling.  There is also hot tea, etc.

6.  I have a higher protein, low carb ice cream replacement (like Carbolite) as my last protein of the day during the show.

7.  Try to stay away from alcohol if you want to lose weight.  Reminder on those rules.

8.  Try to stay away from the crappy high carb junk that others are eating and put the good stuff in front of you.

9.  Put out a tray of good veggies and a low carb dip.  Dip sparingly.

10.  Just find time to prepare and do something and don’t whine the next day that you didn’t lose weight or you had gained weight.

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