How to Eat the Low-Carb Way

How to Eat the Low-Carb Way

Eating the low-carb way means building your diet around lean proteins along with vegetables and fruits prepared fairly simply. If you were a meat-and-potatoes eater, focus on the meat more than the carb-heavy potatoes. The tips in the following list offer advice on what foods to choose:

1. Build your meals around lean protein, fruits, vegetables.

2. Choose whole grains or legumes for your daily carb choices. Minimize your intake of processed foods. Personally, I say you are better off trying to exclude whole grains, except for one or two per week, in place of a fruit.

3. Choose very low-fat milk and dairy foods. Check carb content. There are some Greek yogurts with 8g of carbs per container, and there are some with 20g of carbs for the same sized container.

4. Choose monounsaturated rather than saturated fats.

5. Eat 6 small proteins a day (approximately 4 ounces of meat. Egg, protein drink or bar, etc.) and salads twice a day along with small amounts of fruits and vegetables 2 times per day. Never starve yourself and never skip meals. If you eat between meals, eat healthy foods that are also filling, like salad, fruit, vegetables, milk product like yogurt, low-carb ice cream, or cheese, or a handful of nuts.

6. Do not eat a full meal right before bedtime. A bedtime snack such as nonfat yogurt or cottage cheese and a cup of fruit or less is okay.

7. Drink plenty of water — eight glasses a day

8. Exercise moderately 30 to 60 minutes at least five times a week.

9. Allow a cheat only one to two times a week, max.


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