I think I am craving carbs!

Protein!  Eat Protein.  You think you want sugar.  You think you want something filling like pasta!  It is all in your head.  You need protein, right away.  Eat some.  (every 3-4 hours)

I have put up a list before of different protein choices:

Greek yogurt, meat, sliced meat, low-fat milk and frozen milk products (check labels for low carbs), cheese, nuts, protein bars, protein based meals through websites like Lindora.com, etc.

Tonight, I was hungry.  I grabbed one of the four turkey patties that I pre-cooked yesterday, microwaved it and put a tad bit of pasta sauce on it and some Parmesan  cheese and I microwaved it.  I should have taken a picture before I cut it up, but here it is.  Pretend meatballs.  If you didn’t pre-cook, cooking them on a pan only takes a few minutes.  You can buy patties fresh, but I have back-up frozen ones in the freezer, just in case.  Remember:  Part of getting thin and staying thin is to prepare every week to have all of the foods that you need.

Not my best picture, but it tasted great and I feel better now.  No craving for carbs now.  Remember,  you are craving protein.  You just don’t realize it.

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