The Cheese It Lady

Every Friday for 12 weeks, I was taking a class 25 miles away and I would have to get up early, in order to get there on time with so much morning Los Angeles traffic.  I hate getting up early, but I knew I had to, so KNOWING I had to leave early, I prepped the night before.  I knew that I had to eat on Friday and I would not get near my home or office until 2 pm.  I never wanted to just run out of the house with food. (I always keep emergency nuts or seeds with me)


NEVER leave the house without a food plan, even if you have to plan the night before.


I see so many people waste their time and efforts planning for a trip to Disneyland or having people over to the house, but the really important thing that you should always plan for might be the most boring to you, so you don’t do it—planning for and taking care of your BODY!

So, the night before, I make a salad and put meat in it.  I put it with a protein bar, some sunflower seeds in a bag and I put in a diet soft drink and my Costco Vitarain no carb water.  In the morning, I get up, make my coffee to go, grab my hard-boiled egg and bag of goodies that I prepped the night before and leave.

I eat the egg before I get to the class.

An hour later, I drink the water and have my protein bar.

Over another hour later on a break, I have my salad and diet drink.  So, by the time I get back to work or home, I am not starving and slowing down my metabolism so I don’t burn energy and fat.  I also am not super hungry and want to eat a horse or get weird sugar cravings because my blood sugar is too low.

If I am feeling hungry, I have the 3g of carbs-worth of sunflower seeds to eat in the car.    This might seem like a lot of food, but it is not and I do maintain my weight.  If you want to lose weight, you might want to space out the food more and perhaps not have the protein bar in between all of that, but you could….my protein bar has only about 9 g net carbs (Nature Valley Protein Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter bar).

In my class, I sat next to a lady who prepped too…….but her prep was bad.  A container of grapes that was TOO much grapes (like 3 servings worth) and a container of Cheese Its, that she nibbled through class.  I noticed no protein.  Sometimes, she brought a pasta salad, consisting of PASTA.  Where is the protein?  Are you surprised to hear that this lady looked unwell.  Splotchy complexion, very heavy and swollen looking.  Why?

Fat wise, there is over half a gram in carbs in each cracker.  If you eat 27 crackers, there is 17g of carbs.  This is not a healthy snack.  It has 3g of protein in 27 crackers, but it is filled with preservatives, additives and can live in a box for many months unchanged.  That can’t be good.  This should not be used as a snack food, as she did every week.  Once in awhile, maybe….but this is not the case for her.

A big bowl of pasta was her other food.  8g of carbs of protein and 40g of carbs.  Her other food was the grapes.  1g of protein and 30 g of carbs in her two cups of grapes.  So, her food choices from 10 am to 1pm was 87g of carbs and her day wasn’t even over yet!  Compared to my 23g of carbs from the morning until 2pm.  She prepped, but it was lazy and bad prep with comfort foods.  I enjoyed my choices and they left me full!  And because I eat healthy food, my complexion is better than ever.

So. please put as much time into your food planning if you want to care about yourself!

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