I try to think out my food for the day to plan for extras because I don’t want to gain weight

All meals have protein in them! I am working to keep my carbs between 50-100g a day.


This morning, I had an egg with some feta cheese on it. I can’t believe how good feta cheese is! 1g of carbs.

A quick snack before lunch:

A handful of nuts. 5g of carbs.
1/2 cup of strawberries cut up, 5g of carbs


So, I got home and needed lunch! I pulled out my handy low carb tortilla, cut up some turkey slices, a tomato, shredded cheese and taco seasoning. I mixed up all of the ingredients, put them in the tortilla. I fold it up and put it on a frying pan. I heated up Trader Joe’s enchilada sauce and drizzled it over the top. (You can bring these already done to work and heat them up.)

5 minutes later, I had a great lunch for under 10g of carbs.

I made two extra at the same time for later in the week.

I really recommend making these in advance for future microwavable meals. They are tasty and low carb.

Snack before Yoga:

Dannon Lite and Fit Greek yogurt. 8g of carbs.



a chicken salad…..and maybe I will heat up a low carb cookie (15g of carbs) that I made yesterday, for a treat since today was a pretty low carb day!) 11g of carbs.

Last snack of the day:

My low carb fake ice cream….carobolite, 8 ounces/15g of carbs.


So, 55g of carbs, unless I eat the cookie–then 70g of carbs.

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