Low carb chocolate chip cookies

Today’s cooking was a pre-made mix that I picked up at Whole Foods, called The Pure Pantry.  Each cookie is about 15 g of carbs.  They were easy to make, and although they are good, I think I am missing that crazy sugar kick from regular cookie mix.  I am not missing double the carbs though!  And this is gluten-free and low sugar as well.  My suggestion is to put in more walnuts and if you can do chocolate chips, throw in a handful more for flavor and these are pretty good.  I made half of the package and divided the ingredients by half–one egg, 1/2 tablespoon of vanilla and almost a full stick of butter thrown into the mix.  So, it is 15g of carbs.  This mean ONLY one cookie for me today and you better believe I am getting on the elliptical!

Postbaked picture is first.  Then Prebaked.  I think I overbaked a bit, but they still taste good.


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