Low carb white cake and frosting ideas

My bff asked me to find some recipes for her daughter.  Her daughter LOVES white cake, white frosting, but can’t have any due to major weight gain sensitivities to carbs and all wheat products.

You can love cake but cake might not love you.  You CAN eat cake if you want to maintain or lose weight, but you have to make low carb cake, figure out the carb content on the size and work it into your day’s worth of carbs.  Remember:  50-100g of carbs a day to LOSE weight.  If your cake slice is big and you are eating 35g of carbs in a piece of cake, albeit low carb or not, you will have only about 15-65g left for other normal food in the day.  Please keep the slice size in mind!  Learn how to have smaller portions!

So, I did my homework.  The thing is, you can find anything on Google.  I just typed in low carb white cake, low carb white cake recipes and low carb frosting.  You can either buy all of this ready to make in a box online or in a low carb/sugar store if you are lucky enough to have one in your neighborhood…..or you can make it from scratch after purchasing all of the ingredients.  The ingredients are different and you will have to buy new things, but one you have them, then it is easier to keep remaking the items.

So, here are a bunch of links to make low carb white or yellow cake and white frosting.  I did the research for you.

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