A quiet epidemic in your gut might be keeping you sick and overweight

Sorry, didn’t post yesterday.  Just too tired and needed a break.  I worked out and worked all week.


I was motivated to write today about your GUT.  You have no idea how your gut might be keeping you overweight.

My friend is having gut trouble right now and it is interfering with her diet and I thought this is a topic I should cover, since I used to have a GUT problem–and I continue to work on keeping it cleaned out.

The long and short of it is that I was disabled for over two years in the late 1990’s.  No M.D. really knew what was wrong with me.  I had lethargy, fatigue, weight gain, seemed to be having bloating and bowel issues (constipation and diarrhea, with aches and pains) for years and it only got worse with time.  By this time, I was really sick and couldn’t even work.

I sought out the help of a homeopath, who ran a stool sample and told me I had “Leaky Gut Syndrome”, and I thought, “What’cha talkin’ bout, Willis?”  But now I know, what  it meant, according to Dr. Andrew Weil, is

“Leaky gut syndrome is a real condition that affects the lining of the intestines. The theory is that leaky gut syndrome (also called increased intestinal permeability), is the result of damage to the intestinal lining, making it less able to protect the internal environment as well as to filter needed nutrients and other biological substances. As a consequence, some bacteria and their toxins, incompletely digested proteins and fats, and waste not normally absorbed may “leak” out of the intestines into the blood stream. This triggers an autoimmune reaction, which can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as abdominal bloating, excessive gas and cramps, fatigue, food sensitivities, joint pain, skin rashes, and autoimmunity. The cause of this syndrome may be chronic inflammation, food sensitivity, damage from taking large amounts of nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS), cytotoxic drugs and radiation or certain antibiotics, excessive alcohol consumption, or compromised immunity.”    http://www.drwCeil.com/drw/u/QAA361058/what-is-leaky-gut.html

So, I had to clean out my gut and this took months.  I took many things.  But, what caused this?  A petri dish of bad things growing inside of me thanks to medications I have taken in my life and too much sugar in my diet.  I recommend that you read a book that changed my life, The Yeast Syndrome.  http://www.amazon.com/Yeast-Syndrome-Identify-Yeast-Related-Illness/dp/0553277510.

Symptoms of yeast overgrowth:  Simply put, this can result in many chronic illnesses and symptoms including allergies,  chronic inflammation, joint problems, mood and brain disordersdigestive symptoms and more.  If you want to see the yard long list, go to this site and read Dr. Mark’s Hyman’s article on it.  If you don’t have this, then someone you know might have it.


Well, the conditions that make Candida Albans (yeast) grow is anibiotics, steroids, estrogen (the pill and pregnancy) and sugar overload–not to mention psychological stress.  By the way, even alcohol is a sugar!  But, the catch 22 though, is that the more Candida you have, the more you crave sugar products to FEED the yeast and help it GROW like a freakin’ chia pet!  I had these nasty critters growing inside of me, slowly ruining my life and trying to kill me.  Man, I was so sick!

So, I recommend that  you get yourself cleaned out with a good probiotic, available at any Vitamin store and purchase, Candigone, which is a yeast clean out system.  You have to do this for months and you have to go on a MEAT, EGGS, VEGETABLE and YOGURT diet (MEVY), but if you go on a low carb diet, that could work be really well with going on a yeast cleansing too.  You can eat meat, eggs and vegetables and try to avoid high sugar fruits (stick with the berries or citrus fruits) and eat Greek Yogurt as your low sugar and carb protein.  The first few days of a cleanse is hard because as the yeast dies, you feel some fatigue, but you will get better, give it time.

There are natural foods that kill Candida:

BE PATIENT.  It took YEARS to make yourself this sick and it will take quite a few months to get better.  For the impatient, there is an anti fungal medication called, “Diflucon”, and your M.D. can give it to you, but as soon as you are done with it, the bad fungal stuff will grow back quickly, so I suggest that you have to be on a strong Probiotic and keep sugar low.  I learned this the hard way after having to do 3 cleanses, but been great ever since–since I followed these rules.  There are skinny-rules and one of them is to keep your gut cleansed.  Yeast issues also lead to weight issues–just sayin’!

Please pass this on to anyone who might be suffering from medically-unexplained illnesses!  Always run it by your M.D., but then, try a Homeopath!  If your gut is dirty, then your brain and diet will be too!  Take probiotics, regardless.  They are good for you!


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