You are not a dog!

Well, today is my birthday.  A lot of people break their diet for the day.  If you can prepare for your birthday and lose a pound or two more, then you can take on the extra carbs, so why not?  In my case, I had gained a few pounds and today was the first weigh in day that came out normal.  I do not want to ruin the good strides that I made, so I am not splurging on food.  

Why does food have to be the birthday reward anyway?  Whoever came up with that idea?  

Instead, I went to Peets Coffee and got my favorite Americano, and then I went to Target and bought a few extra new shirts and a few knick knacks and had fun there.  Tonight, I will go out for a delicious salad with chicken with my husband and maybe it will be BBQ to be different.  The fun is being with him and getting my Carbolite protein snack later on.  I am even going to get my car washed now as a treat to myself.  

I will NOT be having birthday cake.  Whoever came up with cake as a birthday must-have?  If you absolutely must do it, go split a piece of Cheesecake Factory low-carb cheesecake with your best friend (each half is about 17 g of carbs).  But, a piece of chocolate cake with icing is 35g of carbs (mostly sugar).  In my book, it is not worth it unless I am below my goal.  Last night I worked out for two hours and how stupid to ruin it for a piece of cake when I am perfectly happy with my Carbolite frozen dessert.

A couple of people sent me flowers and I love the flowers.  Thank you for not sending food!  A client gave me a chocolate bar, which is mostly natural and a third of it is 17g of carbs.  Not bad if you need that chocolate fix….however……

FOOD DOES NOT HAVE TO BE A REWARD.  We have to get over that mindset.  It is crazy.  It is what gets us fat in the first place.


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