Bad Influences

I was just writing to my sister-in-law and the idea for a topic popped up in my head.

I think there is a correlation of people who are people being overweight.  Now, hear me out on this.

Let’s say you live with a family who eats whatever they want and they give you are a hard time about your diet, or try to point out what you may or may not be doing wrong (as they stuff themselves with Cheetos!).  How annoying, right?  Well, if you aren’t assertive, you might just either feel bad and eventually eat the Cheetos in a binge cycle because you feel like it is hopeless or you feel ashamed to be the only one with a “problem.”  (a slow metabolism is part of life, but it does not make you a mutant).

But, if you are assertive, you will tell everyone that they are sabotaging your efforts to diet and if they loved you, they would never eat that stuff in front of you and terrorize you with it or they would join you in your quest for healthier food.  We all know that no matter how easy it is to maintain your weight, eating things that are full of processed garbage ultimately is not good for your blood glucose, your gut or your brain and you will eventually pay the price for those poor food choices.  Try watching Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition.  The people with supportive families always do better than those with families who do not JOIN them in their quest for better health.

Let’s also say that you go out with friends who want you to eat crappy food with them or go for ice cream or cake.  You have to be assertive enough to demand a place that has decent choices for you, or just have the ability to not go if they can’t be flexible to your needs.  Real friends would NEVER sabotage your health or your goals.  Friends who sabotage and want it to be only their choice are not the kind of friends that you should want in your life.  And only go for a dessert where there are low cal choices like the low cal cheesecake at Cheesecake Factory is less than 20g of carbs per slice (thank you for telling me, sister-in-law!).  And there is Carbolite, sold at some frozen yogurt stores.  There is also just ordering some strawberries with whipped cream on them.  You gotta have the balls and the fortitude to care enough about yourself to say no to high carb foods, whether other people like it or not.

In psychology, it is discussed all of the time about “Homeostasis.”  Definition: Homeostasis: Humans seek balance in their lives. When things are out-of-order or imbalanced, it tends to cause problems. This is true particularly with regard to our internal state or well-being. Homeostasis refers to this tendency to maintain a balanced or constant internal state that is optimal for functioning. For example, you have a specific “balanced” or “normal” body temperature that is approximately 98.6 degrees. When there is a problem with the internal functioning of your body, this temperature may increase, signaling and imbalance. As a result, your body attempts to solve the problem and restore homeostasis; your normal body temperature.

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So, in families and friendships, if the balance of things (eating crap) is messed up by a dieter, the system (family members and friends) will do things to try to bring the old balance back to the system, and this is usually done subconsciously through SABOTAGE.  If you are aware of this, you can fight it and eventually a new homeostasis is created and then there is less to fight.  You just have to wait it out and after maybe 6 months or more, people just get used to it.  This happens all of the time in life.

Learn to be ok with changing the system, being the rebel.  Be like Steve Jobs.  He was the rebel and now we have the IPhone and the IPad!

Remember! It is for the better.  What if your family was Bonnie and Clyde?  You would then just be a bank robber too?  If you have a heavy family and you fight the system, the good news is that at least you will be thin and maybe the side effect is that they will get healthier too.  So, think of it this way.  Your fighting the system could save not only your life, but the lives of your friends and family as well.  Be strong!


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