Housekeeping and Chores Can Help You Lose Weight as Much as Exercise Can


You can lose weight by walking, hiking, doing an exercise class, job, run, bike, weight lifting….but you can also lose weight by doing things around the house–killing two birds with one stone.


Examples of simple ways to lose 150 calories, or 300 if you just double the times…..

Chores will provide a 150-calorie burn when you:

  • Shovel snow by hand or sweep for 22 minutes
  • Spade your garden for 26 minutes
  • Push a power lawn mower for 30 minutes
  • Rake leaves for 33 minutes

Beautify your home as you burn calories by:

  • Painting the house for 27 minutes
  • Doing home repairs for 29 minutes
  • Washing windows for 30 minutes

Indoor chores might be tedious, but they do burn calories:

  • Scrub the floor for 30 minutes
  • Dust or vacuum for 53 minutes
  • Iron clothes for 58 minutes