Thin Success Motivation


Do you want to lose weight?  Then, you have to do what it takes to be successful.  You have to learn to make changes, sacrifices and to say NO to certain food and others trying to sabotage your efforts.

Do you have people in your life offering you food, candies, cookies, etc–esp. in holiday season, and you either feel obligated to eat them or your cravings for sweets cause you to cave in?

If you think you can’t do it, then you won’t!  Make it happen.

What I Recommend to be Diet Successful.  4 tips:

1.  I never go anywhere hungry (I eat some protein before I get there).

2.  I pick only healthy items of protein, veggies, salad and fruit.  If there are delicious items there that are sugar and carb laden, and you are dying to try them–take a piece of your favorite, and eat only a piece.  Do not put the whole item in your plate or take it with you, or you will be more likely to eat the whole thing.

3.  If someone offers you something and you are feeling too socially awkward to say, “No, thank you,” then say, “I can’t–doctor’s orders.” Or, “Thanks, but I am not feeling great and I can’t eat that right now.”  Or take it and walk away and then dump it somewhere when no one is looking.

4.  Bring your own version of food item (protein bar, etc) or desert to satisfy yourself, so you don’t go hungry if there are things there that you can’t eat.