Healthy Weight Loss and Lifestyle Challenge

Saw a healthy 3 week challenge online today and thought I would share it.  It actually incorporates all that I do talk about on Skinny-Rules.  It is low carb.  Remember though, to eat your veggies, salads, proteins, fruits, nuts.  Wheat bread, only once or twice a week at one slice each time.

The purpose of this challenge is supposed to help you learn a healthier lifestyle and get a jumpstart to weight loss.   The creator of this challenge also suggests cutting out potatoes. (I do!  Even sweet potatoes)

There are TWO exceptions to this challenge– 
1. NO CHOCOLATE— you can make your OWN chocolates with cacao powder and stevia (or Truvia baking blend)– I am mainly wanting to break the cycle with store-bought, processed chocolate. If you make your OWN desserts from scratch, it is healthier. Dark cacao powder is actually proven to have some extra health benefits as well.

(I still have my chocolate or peanut butter Crunch Bars and I still like my Nature Valley Peanut Butter Dark Chocolate Protein bars (dark chocolate is good for you, right?)

2. NO CHIPS— This means NO POTATO CHIPS.   (That is a no duh!  No potatoes)

(And I still am going to have my diet soda here and there.  Sorry, gotta have something!)

3.  Also, NO ALCOHOL– if you are trying to lose weight.  The body will not break down fat when it is busy breaking down alcohol.

Here is the challenge:


So, you think you are up for it?