Choices, choices, choices!

I am at a seminar today. All day. There is a continental breakfast. I knew in advance that this means that there will be muffins and bagels. CARB fest.


Do I want to eat about 30g of carbs in one go with little protein? NO!

So, I prepared. I brought my chicken salad for lunch. I brought protein bars at 14g of carbs and Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt at 8g of carbs. I also have sunflower seeds in measured bags at 3 carbs per bag.

Also, high protein and low carbs is the way to go. More food spread out, and overall less carbs and my metabolism is being fed every 2 or 3 hours. The bagel eaters will have more problems today with that.

The key to success in weight loss/maintenance is preparation the day before an event. Don’t just go and hope for the best. That is NOT good for keeping thin.


Being thin means commitment to yourself and spending time on yourself like you would in a project at work. Your health is the most important thing you have. You can’t work or have fun if you are sick or dead. PRIORITIZE yourself! Spend a little time on preparation.