Yo Yo Dieting is NOT Good for Your Body

christmas foodYes, it is holiday time again.  This does NOT mean you should lose all control and eat whatever you want and start “dieting” again on Jan. 2.  You can have a Cheat here and there, like maybe once a week–but the whole holiday time is not a wise idea.

I know someone who looks good most of the year and puts on the weight this time of year.  This is what we call “yo-yo” dieting.  Eating so carefully and depriving yourself  throughout the year and then going crazy and gaining it back during the holiday season–this is not good for your body or your mind.  Losing the weight again vs. maintaining weight is soooo much harder to do and it can be overwhelming.  You should have a set weight goal and stick to it with a five-pound window.  If you get past that point, it is time to do something about it immediately and make necessary changes.  If you follow a low-carb plan all year-long, you won’t have to go through so much torture each time you have to start over.

Consider a once a week cheat–not daily.  Yo-yo dieting is really not good for the body or maintaining weight.  Yo-Yo dieting can cause stress and it may be time for a new diet with permanent weight loss as its goal. Yo yo dieting often involves extreme caloric restriction and fewer nutrients, leading to fatigue and possible health issues. The pattern of yo yo dieting can leave you feeling depressed and deprived. It is also common for yo yo diets to result in decreased metabolism and increased muscle loss.  Those HCG and 600 calorie restrictive diets make you feel hungry depressed and you lose muscle, so don’t do them.


Here is an article about the dangers of yo-yo dieting:  http://www.fitnessmagazine.com/weight-loss/tips/diet-tips/end-the-yo-yo-diet-cycle