the KETOGENIC DIET: Turns out that a low-carb diet makes you thin AND delays the AGING PROCESS


Reducing calories and eating low-carb foods, something scientists at the Gladstone Institutes call the Ketogenic Diet, could delay the aging process. According to a study headed up by Gladstone Senior Investigator Eric Verdin, MD, the development of this anti-aging ketogenic diet could help to eventually combat age-related diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and certain forms of mental deterioration.


“Over the years, studies have found that restricting calories slows aging and increases longevity—however the mechanism of this effect has remained elusive,” Verdin said in a statement. “Here, we find that βOHB—the body’s major source of energy during exercise or fasting—blocks a class of enzymes that would otherwise promote oxidative stress, thus protecting cells from aging.”
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