To Bread or Not to Bread

I follow Food Babe’s blog about what healthy foods we should be eating and what are actually just making us sick.

Bread is a big issue for me.  It is loaded with carbs and I don’t do well with gluten or wheat.  However, once or twice a week, I like to have something like a decent piece of bread.  I really like Western Bagel’s Perfect 10 Bagels because one whole bagel is just 10g of net carbs.

But, as far as regular bread.  It turns out a lot of bread has some pretty disgusting ingredients in it, like the stuff that they put in yoga mats.


So, I am turning to Food Babe’s suggestions.  She really like Ezekiel bread.  Good and good for you!  It is available at many places, including Trader Joes.

My husband tried Dave’s Killer Bread, because it is also filled with good organic ingredients.  There are two kinds at his market, Vons Pavillions–the cracked wheat one 21g of carbs, 5g of fiber (making the next carb 16g) and 5g of protein. The sprouted wheat one is at 17g of carbs, 4g of fiber (making the net carb 13g) and 6g of protein.

Look at all of the good things about it!  It is Organic, GMO free, Vegan, 100% whole grain, has a lot of fiber, protein and Omega 3.

Remember, if you want to lose weight, the number of carbs per day should stick to between 50 and 100g a day.  So, if you do have a slice of bread once or twice a week, make sure it is tasty and heatlhy, with low carbs and high protein.  Have it in place of a fruit out of your two fruits for the day.  Use real butter like KerryGold and try to steer clear of GMO and non-organic food, which will only bloat you and confuse your metabolism with toxins.

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