Eat Well, Look Good and Live Well

I read stories daily about how eating well can actually heal your body.  How many of you want to lose weight, but also have health concerns?

It doesn’t just affect your blood sugar and diabetes, or your high blood pressure and hypertension……I read today that nutrition has a lot to do with plantar fascitis foot pain.  And there are many other issues due to poor nutrition.


There are many cancers and health issues coming from just eating processed foods, artificial dyes, high fructose corn syrup, GMO products, etc.

If you are addicted to junk food, there are a bevy of health issues that could lead to health concerns, mental health issues, as well as obesity.

Junk food:

  • It’s low in fiber.
  • It’s high in palatability (that is, it tastes good).
  • It offers a high number of calories in a small volume.
  • It’s high in fat.
  • It’s high in sugar in liquid form

Processed food:

It is highly addictive and slowly killing you with its low nutrition, its use of genetically modified products, they cause gut inflammation and lead to further breakdown of the immune system, they are full of pesticides and they just ruin your insides.

The best foods for you are on the outer skirts of the market.  The organic fresh fruits, veggies, lettuce products, fresh grass-fed meats and organic eggs, bovine growth hormone free milk products and nuts.  All of the stuff that is easier to get to–in the center–about 80 percent of it didn’t even exist 100 years ago.  That stuff in the boxes–those are processed foods.  And some are way worse than others.

If you choose to eat a Paleo diet, chances are that you will not only lose weight, but you will get well or stay well.

Since I stopped eating things that were not so prevalent many years ago, I am feeling better and look my best. I used to be very sick and I am doing much better than ever.  Even my skin glows now.  I stopped eating stripped wheat and I actually avoid wheat.  Once in a while, I have a Perfect 10 Wheat Bagel from Western Bagel.  I also stopped eating rice…if I had any at all, it would be brown rice or quinoa (and only a golf ball sized portion).  I stopped eating starches like potatoes and once in awhile, I put some carrot strips in my salad. No one has to eat potatoes.  If you want minerals or iron, there are so many healthy foods to choose from to get those things.  Kale, Spinach, brocoli and Cauliflower have many necessary minerals in them.


And I hate to ruin your breakfast or lunch (hopefully it is not some nice GMO cereal or Mac and cheese, because here is an example of what the processed food companies would like you to not ever see.

Here is what happens to rats who eat nothing but GMO products: (I hope it makes you think!)




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