Losing Weight Means Stepping Out of Your Comfort Zone–COOKING!

On Saturday, I went shopping and bought supplies so that I have decent things to eat next week, things which are low-carb, but delish.

Why?  Because I love myself and I love my family.

Cooking is love made visible Thoughts and Images along the Way

I bought organic chicken breasts from Trader Joes and made chicken tenders–enough for the whole week (4 ounces a day).  I used the recipe that was on my blog and added hemp seed to it (found it at Costco, actually and it is low-carb, high protein).  https://skinny-rules.com/2013/08/27/low-carb-almond-and-flax-seed-chicken-tenders/

I never cooked.  I spent the first 30 something years of my life only baking.  Baking is fun and smells good.  Baking is easy.

I have stepped outside of the comfort zone that made me fat and ill–and I am forcing myself to learn.  I have started with easy recipes and if I need help, I ask for it.  It isn’t hard.  The first few times is hard, but what isn’t at first?  Having children or a job is hard–did that stop you?  Are you conditioned by your family to go out to eat?


Low-carb chicken tenders, made from almond meal, flax-seed meal, hemp and Organic chicken is WAY healthier than getting some Who-Knows-What-It-Is-Made-Of and high sodium bread encrusted so-called chicken from a fast food place or a restaurant.  I know so many people, especially parents who don’t take the time to learn to do these things at home for the love of themselves or their children.  Saying you “love” and showing that you “love”–are two different things.

Cooking this is so easy–dipping the pieces in the meal and coating them, placing them on tin foil, baking for 10 minutes, turn them, and 10 more minutes and then you can heat them up over the week because you can make a batch of them.  And you then know what you are putting into your or your kid’s body.  How much love can you have for yourself or your child if you are putting nothing but antibioticed non-organic chicken, encrusted with Frankenwheat and carbs in their mouths?

I just did a batch and they are cooling.  They taste good and it wasn’t hard.

Step outside of the box, and start cooking basics like this one.  I will put up more easy recipes from time to time, or Google them.  When was the last time  you ever even tried to turn on your oven and cooked fresh foods that didn’t come already done or out of a box?  Or the last time you cooked at all because you bring in (unhealthy) food all of the time?

Could this be part of the reason someone in your home might have medical or weight issues?  Think about cooking with love, for love.  (And save money too!)



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