Carbs Can Cause You Do Be Fat, Have Acne and Wrinkles!

According to dermatologist, Dr. Jessica Wu, carbohydrates are an important source of energy, but people eat too much of them and not enough protein.  This can lead to high blood sugar and insulin levels, which then can make your body store fat and can affect the appearance of your skin.


Besides making you gain weight or have trouble losing weight, carbs can cause acne and wrinkles!

Carbs (such as bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, muffins, and other baked goods) can aggravate acne breakouts.A high carb diet can cause an increase of androgens (“male” hormones that stimulate oil glands and cause acne) after just one week.  Carbs are also broken down into glucose (blood sugar), which interacts with proteins in the skin, stimulating enzymes that break down collagen and elastic tissue and resulting in thinner skin that’s more likely to wrinkle.


The solution:

Avoid refined grains, such as white toast, pastries, white rice, and white pasta.  Instead, choose whole-grain products, which are digested more slowly, thereby producing less dramatic blood sugar elevations. In fact, the most important key to keeping your blood sugar balanced is the composition of the carbs you eat. In other words, it’s good to add chicken to your pasta, or peanut butter to your toast, but it’s much more important that your pasta be made of whole wheat and that you choose brown instead of white rice, and whole-wheat bread instead of pastries or muffins.  AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, if you are going to eat grains, keep it at a minimum and count carbs because if you want to stay thin, then you should not be having more than 100g of carbs a day (50-100g).



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