Low-Carb Pizza Bases for Wraps and Pizzas! Whoo Hoo!

My sister-in-law found another interesting item to try.  It is Flatbread that is low carb and can be used for wraps and to make an individual pizza.  So, I am now attempting to make a margarita pizza with one.  They are called, Flatout, but I bought the LIGHT Flatout, which has less carbs.  No sugar.


My whole crust has 9g of protein (really decent), high fiber at 9g  and the carbs is 16g.  But, net carbs is 16g carbs -9g fiber=7g of carbs!!  I put a little sauce on, which is probably about 5g of carbs and there are no carbs in my mozarella cheese and hardly any in my tomatoes.  Lets just say I am probably going to have a pizza that is tasty and is about 13g of net carbs at the most.  What an awesome dinner and treat!  I am trying to stay away from wheat, but if I do have it, it has to be once in awhile and I prefer it be either very low carb like this, or gluten-free.

You can get sugar-free pizza sauce at Netrition.com, if you need it.

So easy to make a pizza.  DIRECTIONS

Set the oven at 350.  Spray a cookie sheet, place the Flatout on the sheet, bake one side for one minute and then flip and bake the other side for one minute.

Put on your pizza sauce, cheese, tomatoes, basil or or whatever toppings you want on it.  Bake it for 4-7 minutes or 30 seconds longer for crisp.  Bam!  Done.

Dinner or lunch is served.  Easy and light!  Perfect for a diet or your new way of LOW-CARB life like mine.


Here is a picture of someone else’s wrap and pizza.  I will include my pictures later on.  I think mine looks better! 🙂








Keep skinny!


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