Even Snickers is on a DIET!

I think taking Prednisone when I was having a bad skin allergy, really messed my system up.  Two hours of exercise a day and following a low carb diet–not gaining, but not losing weight.  I am so frustrated.  So….

Plateau diet for today.

Egg and grapefruit for breakfast.

Snack-Liquid protein drink 3 hours later.

Lunch–salad with ahi.

Snack- 3 hours later–liquid protein again and grapefruit.

Dinner–repeat lunch.

Snack-3 hours later-liquid protein again and grapefruit.

oh, my saving grace–LOTS of coffee.

Pray and cross fingers that the scale moves tomorrow!



Oh, and I heard that Snickers and other snack bars (NOT PROTEIN BARS) are slmming down.  Read the story here.



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