Does Gluten-Free Mean You Will Lose Weight?

Celiac sufferers and those with non-Celiac gluten sensitivity (and I believe I am gluten sensitive) need to avoid the wheat protein for their health.

You have to look at labels and pick wisely, because many gluten-free items still have a lot of carbs.  So, if that blueberry muffin is now only 25g of carbs vs. 50g of the regular muffin, you are still eating 25g of carbs!  If there is little to no protein or fiber to balance that out, you are still eating a dessert!  If you want to only eat 50 to 100g of carbs a day to lose weight and you have that 25g of carb muffin–well, you do the math on what you have left for the rest of the day.

I found a place that serves gluten-free pizza crust for a one-sized pizza.  I called the company and found out the lowest carb item on the menu was this particular pizza that was gluten-free and it was 42g of carbs for the whole pizza.  Well, I split that pizza with my husband and had salad with it instead of eating the whole pizza.  I ended up with 25g of carbs for this meal and balanced it out the rest of the day with low-carb foods like eggs, meat, veggies and low-fat cheeses.  Therefore, I did not gain and I actually lost weight.

If you already have a healthy diet, gluten-free diets will not aid weight loss. For those who subsist mostly on pasta, pizza and other gluten-filled foods, a change to gluten-free lean proteins and veggies will obviously lead to weight loss — though it won’t be the lack of gluten that’s shedding the pounds. 
So, please be aware that gluten-free does not mean carb-free!

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