A Reality Housewife and her Transformation

If anyone watched the Housewives of Orange County, they have seen a transformation of Tamra Barney.  She has always had a great body, but it is better than ever.  Ever since her divorce and getting involved with her fiance, Eddie, she has been working out a lot and changed her food habits.  She is a mean, lean, fighting machine.  She says that she has only lost 5 pounds, but she has toned and put muscle on.  She looks fantastic and she her body is better than most 20-year-olds and she is over 40.  Everything that she recommends, I have recommended.  She talks about the importance of a cardio workout for 40 minutes, three days a week, toning throughout the week, drinking enough water, not eating processed foods (even I have a protein bar here and there), not skipping breakfast, eating the right kind of snacks, and the importance of a good diet.  She has some recommendations and it is in her blog, which I am putting up here.  Take a look at it.

So sorry about the news, but if you want to be looking MAHVELOUS, you have to work out and you have to eat right.  You have to find the time to prep for yourself.



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