The Lowest Carb Yogurt I Have Found So Far

I am really ticked off with Costco.  They stopped carrying my Dannon Light and Fit Blueberry and Strawberry Greek Yogurt with only 8g of carbs.  They were only carrying Chiobani and Fage, but their flavored yogurts were between 16g and 20g per container.  If I want to keep my carbs low throughout the day so that when I have a meal, it can have a few more carbs, then I certainly don’t want a lot of carbs in my yogurt.  Low carb yogurt is just as good, so why would I buy the Chiobani and eat over twice the amount of carbs in the same size?

I looked it up online and they only sell this particular one (there is another version of it at the markets and even Target that have 14g of carbs–still too much in my book), so I stopped by Ralphs (Kroger supermarket) and there were more choices, but I noticed a regular low fat yogurt called CARBMASTER, made by Ralphs.  I decided to give this a shot because it was the lowest in carbs that I ever did see.

carbmaster-yogurt-450x450-kalynskitchenI had it.  It is good.  Not as tangy as Greek Yogurt, but totally edible for only 4g of carbs.  12g of protein.  Only 3g of sugar.  You should check this out if you are on a strict carb diet or look for something similar at your local market.  Don’t bother with those 20 plus grams carb yogurts.  What a waste of carb counting for your day.



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